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Top 5 Photo Opportunities in Laguna Beach

Do you know how you see those promotional messages (advertisements!) about how "this" or "that" city, somewhere in North America, is the most beautiful place on earth? In their own rights many of them are, or at least there are plenty (locals) to testify to the validity of such a statement. However, Laguna Beach CA, is one place that may actually hold up in court in claiming that title.

Laguna Beach is a treasure, a throw back to a time before excess development, key the word "excess" though, because there is no shortage of mega mansions obscurring the Pacific Coast Highway view that once was. Nonetheless Laguna Beach managed to keep its charm for the simple fact that it is home to some of the most breathtaking seascapes the world has to offer. The existing features created solely by mother nature have been perfectly complemented with people made strutures that only serve to enhance the beauty that existed there in the first place. Thus we are fortunate enough to compile one of the truest "Photo Opportunity" lists on this site as a whole.

You'll want to keep a dozen AA's (or more than one lithium battery) on hand and ensure that you have plenty of room on your SIM card for this place.


Main Beach Lifeguard Tower


Unlike many of the monolithic lifeguard towers found throughout Southern California, the tower at Main Beach Laguna is quaint, if such a word has ever applied to a lifeguard based structure.


Its placed at number one not only for its small beach town appeal but for the simple fact that its the first stop heading south on the Coast Highway through Laguna Beach and an easy one to check off your list.


Victoria Beach Lighthouse Tower


Victoria Beach Lighthouse Tower would have been number one on the list but it requires quite a bit more effort to get to than the Main Beach attraction above. Before we even visited this photographic treat we extensively reviewed pictures online and in travel periodicals to confirm the existence of it in Laguna Beach. It seems more like something off the coast of Ireland built during midieval times. We are happy to report that it is the real deal and found anchored to one of Laguna's cliff sides in Victoria Beach. Your imagination runs wild as you stare at this structure with visions of large wooden ships coming to shore to seek solace from the stormy seas during the 1500's, somewhere on the other side of the world. The even younger child within may conjure up images of the classic rapunzel tale as her locks cascade down to her heros grasp. Well, at least our imaginations got the best of us. Some of you may simply say to yourselves "hmm, pretty cool", and that's ok too.


This one is tricky to find so you will need directions. To get to Victoria Beach, drive South from Main Beach and make a right turn on Victoria Drive just after Rockledge Rd and Terrace. Continue on Victoria to where it intersects with Sunset Terrace. There will be a staircase leading to the beach. From the South, traveling North on PCH, make a right at the light at Nyes Place and go about 50 ft and turn Left on Victoria Drive and go under PCH to the intersection of Sunset Terrace. Again, a staircase will lead where you need to go. The Tower is at the NORTH end of the beach.


The Montage Resort


The Montage is an architectural masterpiece with grounds that go on forever. Spend the day exploring the ocean view from a variety of lookout points, complete with seating, and soak up the atmosphere of money and natural beauty rolled into one.


Laguna Coast, Cliffs, Nooks, Crannies & Caves


This one is kind of a no-brainer once you have stepped foot onto the shores of Laguna. You immediately feel as if you have been transported to the ocean side of the mediterranean. We recommend starting your photographic adventure further south of Laguna beginning at the Montage/Aliso Beach area and making your way, both on foot and/or vehicle depending on the tide. If its in, you wont be able to access many of the caves and cliff side scenes along the entire stretch of the shoreline so plan on spending a day on this adventure, taking your time and waiting for natures doorway to give you access.


Excercise caution on this expedition. Avoid climbing the higher up rock structures and keep watch of the tide and what the shorebreaking waves are doing. We want you to be metaphorically swept away on this journey, not literally.


Laguna Beach Greeter - Eiler Larsen


Found out front of the Greeter's Corner Restaurant on South Coast Highway, the Laguna Beach Greeter statue was created in memorium of Laguna local "street person" from decades ago, Eiler Larsen, a kind hearted gentleman that asked nothing of you but a smile and and "hello" back. An endearing story and figure in Laguna Beach history.


He would be proud to have you stand next to him and share a photographic moment in time.