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The Art of Kauai


Art Night in Hanapepe

Every Friday Night 6PM, Main Street, Hanapepe, Kauai, HI


You know the Hawaiian town that you picture in your dreams? The one with rustic feel, single level shops, galleries, and cafes brimming with locals that know one another, all the while welcoming visitors with wide open arms and aloha smiles? Hanapepe in Kauai is this town. Historic, charming, unspoiled, and miles away from neighboring island Oahu and its Waikiki trappings.


Hanapepe is where you want to be for a taste of the art scene in Kauai. Even though any given day walking along Main Street in Hanapepe feels like an open air art gallery affair, every Friday night at 6PM a tanned crowd of locals and tourists thickens like lava and flows down the road, stopping along the way to inspect makeshift booths and kiosks for arts and accessories to complement the decor of their homes and accent their body wear. Vintage art-deco Hawaiian furnishings and ceramics add to the collections and “one of a kind” items are plentiful at every turn. Gallery doors are open, allowing the warm evening air to caress the smiling faces of everyone within as they admire the paintings and photographs that line the walls, daring all to resist a purchase.


PuPus and other samplings of local cuisine are abound and the whole experience is soundtracked by the sounds of slack key guitar and ukulele in addition to the whispering “oohs” and “ahhs” of those that happen upon must-have treasures.


Art Night at Hanapepe is what art is all about – a community gathering to appreciate the works of those that have turned a love into their labor and labor into love. Pick up something for your home or body at Art Night in Hanapepe and you’ll be sure to leave a little of yourself in this humble and historic Hawaiian town, awaiting your return again in the future.


Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele Concert Night

Hanalei Community Center, 5-5299 Kuhio Hwy # C, Hanalei, HI


Slack Key and Ukulele are just as much a part of the art scene in Hawaii as the paintings and photographs that hang on the wall of the state’s many galleries. Hanalei is also a huge draw for lovers of Hawaiian art and a walk around the town will bear artisan fruit as much as anywhere, but we had to draw attention to one of the most fun filled and arts and culturally inspired events in town at the Hanalei Community Center, EVERY Friday night from 4PM to 6PM (sometimes 2:30 to 6:30).


Gather in the halls with locals and visitors alike to hear the sweet sounds of Hawaii fill the air. Aptly named slack key and ukulele masters - Doug & Sandy McMaster – both entertain AND teach visitors about the history, the legends, the culture, and the environment of an old Hawaii as told to the tune of the happiest finger strummed instruments around.


Visit Hanalei Community Center ahead of time for updated event schedules.


Kaua‘i Museum
4428 Rice St., Lihu‘e, Hawaii


The exterior of the Kaua’i Museum mirrors the vintage arts appeal that Kauai is known for and is photographed frequently when visitors first arrive on site. Inside, it is home to numerous collections of Hawaiian arts and artifacts that reflect the legacy, customs, and artistic achievements of indigenous Hawaiians. Exhibits include authentic artifacts, replicas, publications, and educational programs which serve the community, both past and present, while entertaining and educating the general public that come to visit this valued heritage site. The museum also presents opportunity for current artist to exhibit their creations, allowing visitors to see the works of a new generation paying homage to their culture.


NaPali Art Gallery and Coffee House
P.O. Box 786, Hanalei, HI
(808) 826-1844


As far as we’re concerned, coffee and art go hand in hand and in the land of some of the best coffee AND art in the world, NaPali Gallery & Coffee House combines the best of both. Throw in the amazing scenery and you will find it nearly impossible to pry yourself from this beach front establishment.


One step inside the cafe/gallery and your greeted by the scent of fresh roasted beans and treated to a visual delight as paintings, photographs, ceramics, jewelry, accessories, and bone carvings line every corner of the place.


The NaPali Gallery is a truly pleasant, relaxed, and refreshing destination for those in search of a one-stop combination of art, coffee, and natural beauty.



NaPali Gallery & Coffee House is located 4 miles past Hanalei, about a mile before Tunnels Beach at the Hanalei Colony Resort. Drive across 7 one lane bridges, turn right.