Scotty's Music Kauai
Address : 2-2436 Kaumualii Hwy, Kalaheo, Kauai, HI
Phone : (808) 332 0090

ABOUT Scotty's Music and Ukuleles on Kauai

"The Largest Selection of Ukuleles in the World!"

Scotty's Music Kauai

Scotty’s Music store claims not only to have the largest selection of ukuleles on the Hawaiian islands, but in the entire world! Located on the Garden Island of Kauai, they also state to have the largest retail collection of locally made Koa wood ukuleles on the planet. Scotty's Ukuleles carries Kamaka, Kamoa, Kanilea, Ko’aloha, Big Island, and Imoa ukuleles - all of which are expertly crafted in Hawaii. Among the koa collection are local resident and ukulele luthier Raymond Rapazo's Island Ukuleles. Scotty’s Ukuleles also carries used koa ukuleles and imported varieties by Kala, Lanikai, Luna, Makala, Ovation, and Islander for those shopping for a good ukulele on a more modest budget.

YAH Says...

Scotty's Music Kauai

Even if you're staying in the popular visitor destination of Hanalei on Kauai you had best rent a car if you have any aspirations of buying a quality ukulele. Sure you can snag a great koa instrument from many spots on the island but you won't want to rob yourself of the experience of stepping foot into the shop that has the largest selection on Kauai, and quite possibly in the world - we kid you not. Scotty's Music is a well ronded music store but their biggest claim to fame and reason for inclusion on our Kauai travel guide is for their collection of koa toned four string masterpieces. Staff at Scotty's smile wide with aloha from ear to ear and will never make you feel out of place, even if you are an absolute novice. Head over to Kalheo along Kaumualii Highway for a visit and return with the sweet strumming sounds of the Hawaiian islands, cradled in your embrace.

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