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1. Island Air

Address : Lihu’eAirport (Kaua’i), 3901 Mokolele Loop, Lihu'e, HI 96766

Phone : (800) 652-6541

Description : <p>Island Air is Hawaii&rsquo;s… view more
<p>Island Air is Hawaii&rsquo;s leading regional carrier offering departures between Honolulu and the islands of Moloka&rsquo;i, Lana&rsquo;i, Maui (Kapalua and Kahului), Kaua&rsquo;i (Lihu&rsquo;e) and the &ldquo;Big Island&rdquo; of Hawai&rsquo;i (Kona). Island Air&rsquo;s two hubs are Honolulu and Kahului and Island Air is the only scheduled Part 121 carrier serving Kapalua, Lana&rsquo;i and Moloka&rsquo;i.</p>
YAH Says : <p>The only cost friendly… view more
<p>The only cost friendly option for island hopping now that the Super Ferry is no longer in service. Don't be mad though, this was done to preserve the islands encompassing ocean, coral reef and inhabitants within.</p>

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