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Kauai Festival of Lights

For mainlanders, Christmas on the islands is a 180 degree twist from what they are accustomed to. Although some fear a loss of that special holiday season feeling while in an 80 degree plus tropical climate, Christmas in Hawaii comes with a whole new set of holiday experiences without losing one ounce of sentiment. In fact, everyone we know that has spent time on any of the Hawaiian islands can attest to the fact that this north pacific island chain is more festive than anything they've experienced. Aloha spirit and Christmas spirit go hand in hand.

Christmas in Hawaii comes without that commercial push that many are averse to on the mainland and on no island is this more true than on the Garden Isle of Kauai. The soft flora scented winds of Kauai cruise through the evening air and complement the tastefully decorated scene at the town of Lihue's Historic County Building where one of the most popular holiday events in Hawaii, the Kauai Festival of Lights, sets the stage for Christmas on Kauai. Palm tree trunks are wrapped with lights to resemble the swirling assention of candy cane stems while its leaves fall in hooked patterns to complete the analogy. A stroll through the grounds is soundtracked by hints of ukulele and steel guitar being whispered from somewhere, over the rainbow perhaps. 

Everyone should experience Christmas in Hawaii at least once in their life and if it could only be once then the Garden Isle of Kauai is the place - a truly Mele Kalikimaka.

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