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Best Watering Holes to Mingle with Friendly Locals


Huntington Beach is a truly laid back community and thus the opportunity presents itself to possibly form life long connections with some of the locals (read: a sofa to crash on next time you're in town). Alcohol is usually the best barrier breaker when it comes to this practice so whatever your motivation your may be, head on down to these watering holes for a good time and see if you can make the magic happen. Worst case scenario you'll just have a good time playing "fly on the wall" watching the natives in their natural habitat.


Longboard Restaurant & Pub

217 Main Street



This establishment is recommended more for our more "mature" members/users. The "YAH Says..." review on this place states; "Don't let the name fool you. Longboard is not just a room full of old guys talking about how they once caught a wave this (gesturing) big, on a board this big, past a shark this big. Sure, they're there too, but its also a nice chill bar with mellow vibes. A great place to go, grab a beer, a meal, watch the game, and not have to stand in line for the bathroom."


Gallagher's Pub & Grill

300 Pacific Coast Highway



Some Irish pubs make "outsiders" feel out of place, but at Gallagher's you instantaneously become Irish the second you walk in the door. After a few pints and a shared plate of Irish Nachos you'll be arm in arm with your bar stool neighbor chanting the anthem of whatever anthem they chant in an Irish Pub. Just move your lips and act like you know what your singing. No one will notice otherwise. 


Slainte chugat!   Good health to you in Irish Gaelic


Killarney Pub & Grill

209 Main Street


Yet another Irish Pub on the Top List for Huntington Beach. What can we say? These places are built to party and bring the community together. This one seems to get a few more tourists (when in season), but the local contingent is still impressive and once again, the laid back HB citizens simply make you feel at home regardless if Irish Pubs are your "thing".


Baja Sharkeez

211 Main Street


You pretty much have to include Baja Sharkeez on any pub/club/eatery list for Huntington Beach. It's the go-to spot for every visitor and a weekly ritual for pretty much everyone living in HB, be it during daylight hours or for those that howl at the moon. Sharkeez gets busy, so you're probably looking at most impromptu conversations and introductions while in line to get into this place. It's a big party and thus the perfect opportunity to make new and interesting HB BFF's. 


Hurricane's Bar & Grill

200 Main Street


Hurricane's is awesome. The pub style menu is amazing and the happy hour specials rule. The 2nd floor patio is a great place to cool off on a warm night and people watch from a bird's eye view (just don't think about throwing anything over the edge or security will make sure you follow close behind). All of this draws in the tourists and locals alike. Even when it's busy, you won't feel strange walking in solo, pulling up a bar stool (if available) and enjoying the show. Eventually some one will accidentally bump into you and as long as you don't respond with aggression, you may very well end up sharing a pint with them.