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Hotel Lobby Hang Outs (even if you are NOT staying there)


The best part about hotel resorts is the feeling of being in some exotic place or city, regardless if you live in the city of that very establishment.

You may be a local. You may be a tourist with certain hotels outside of your budget, or perhaps they were already booked, or you are looking for a break from the lobby of the hotel you are currently staying at. No matter the reason, this is a relatively cost free way of entertaining yourself through the magic of people watching and mingling with a crowd where you technically should not be.

The hotels (and lobbies within) are suggested based upon the following: dynamic guests staying at/frequenting the establishment; relaxed security; friendly non-threatening staff; chance of "hooking up"; networking opportunities; and if your feeling really daring, free amenities such as access to swimming pools and other common areas.

In all seriousness, most hotel resorts are aware of this practice and are happy to overlook it as long as you are respectful of the guests and premises and spend at least a little cash at one of the on-site offerings (cafes, restaurants, gift shop, vending machines, etc...).  

P.S. We never had this conversation.


Shorebreak Hotel


This place is cool, contemporary, and not too intimidating for a hotel that has rooms running over $500. People watching here on a warm summer weekend night is perfectly complemented by great interior design, plush sofas to plop down in and within close proximity to the hotel bar and restaurant (Zimzala), so you can get away with looking like a patron taking a breather. If you play it cool, you can spend well over an hour lounging around and off the radar of the friendly, yet consumately professional staff and security.


If you get lucky, you may spot a celebrity or possibly meet the person of your dreams, even if you are not theirs (you freeloading bum), in the Shorebreak Hotel lobby.  


Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa

Classy Classy Classy. But don't feel intimidated. This is Huntington Beach afterall, so with every posh suited and briefcased business person passing through the doors there are flip flopped, boardshort wearing, sand in the hair, beach bums with a board (surf/boggie/paddle) in tow trailing right behind or spread throughout the dark wood decor of this gorgeous establishment.


Not so much known for it's party atmosphere, its a great place to bring a Java Point Latte and read a good book/magazine and soak up the atmosphere.


Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort


Also "Classy Classy Classy", but a little closer to HB's Main Street strip, so you will get a few more casual observer's joining in along with you and a more relaxed vibe is prevalent.