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5 Dont Do's if you don't want to piss off locals in HB


Huntington Beach is home to some of the most laid back, mellow, Aloha Spirited people in SoCal. The juxtaposition though is that HB has bred some pretty bad ass (only when the buttons are pushed) individuals (guys and girls alike) and they are very protective of their home/beach town culture and the inhabitants within. Tourists are welcomed with smiles and open arms to the fullest, but if there is any disrespect shown to the aforementioned, you will be put in your place immediately.

Just follow your common sense, but in case you lack in that area or alcohol has sidelined this function, you will need to keep this list close at hand.


DON'T surf the north or south side pier unless you KNOW you got skills


Newbies do it all the time. They arrive in Huntington Beach, take a walk out on the Pier and watch the crowd surfing below and think "hmm, that looks like fun", then proceed to Zacks Beach Rentals below, rent a board, pull tight on their elastic drawstringed boardshorts (the first sign you should NOT be surfing anywhere near the Pier) and attempt to paddle out, and either get sent back to shore over and over again by the hazardous white wash, or get blindsided by one of the Pier pillars thus forfeiting your "temporary" credit card hold at the rental shop for board repair/replacement. But none of this will compare than the bemoaning (or worse) you will receive from the local line-up once back on the beach. Stick to the south side of the Pier about a hundred yards or further and you will be fine...maybe.


DON'T mess with the Duke Kahanamoku Statue


If you want to put some sunglasses on the Duke, take a picture and promptly remove them, thats ok. If you want to slap a guitar or ukulele around his neck, take a picture and promptly remove it, thats ok. That kind of good natured fun is all good. But don't even think of "decorating" the Duke in silly string, toilet paper, or even leave an empty starbucks cup at his feet or you may be asked to leave Surf City, or worse, wake up on the other side of the border with zero recollection of "who/what/where/when/how"? (You'll remember the "why").


DON'T be anything BUT pleasant to the staff at Sugar Shack Cafe


The Sugar Shack Cafe is a local family run establishment and staple in the Huntington Beach community. They are a part of HB as much as the Pier and will hopefully be a permanent fixture on the Main Street scene.


The popularity of The Sugar Shack Cafe means that it is almost always busy, especially during the peak of tourist season, so the staff consisting of family members, local students, other members of this close knit community are in constant overdrive.


(Fellas) DON'T assume a string bikini means "talk to me" 


Photo Caption: So I told the guy, "Just because I'm a Cougar in a Cheetah Bikini, doesn't mean I want YOUR paws anywhere near me!"


Then she proceeded to go find her full body tattoed 220lb mixed martial arts trained boyfriend to "send the guy packing" back to the valley.


Disclaimer:  We say "fellas", because ladies rarely have to be warned about groping a banana hammock clad Guido.


DON'T dress like you're cruising the strip of South Beach Miami


This doesn't refer to "pissing off" the locals as much as it refers to simple "ridicule avoidance". HB isn't South Beach or the Hamptons, this is a real deal beach community that prefers flip flops to pumps and board shorts to capris.


Obviously its cool to dress up if you're heading to some important function or semi-formal/formal dinner. But if you're spotted hanging out on the pier, beach walk, or local pub in 6 inch stilettos and a skin tight neon dress (ladies) or a powder pink rayon button up (gents) with man-capris and mandles (sandles with the velcro top strap...yikes) and a "look at me" expression on your face, you will end up being the butt of many muzzled and some not-so-quite snickers and colorful commentary from the local smart asses.


Leave the Runway gear at home people.


Photo Disclaimer: This guy actually seems like a nice dude...but he came up on the google search for "man-capris" and he's pretty much breaking all the DON'T rules for this topic, so we HAD to include this picture. Sorry Bro ;) and if your reading this, email proof of identity and contact info to and we'll send you a t-shirt prize package. Seriously.