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Top 5 Photo Opportunities in Huntington Beach

Want people to know you were in Huntington Beach? Here is a list of the best places in HB to take pictures and get your best pose on! Note the list and check them off one by one. If timed just right it can be done all in one evening.


HB Pier at Sunset

Definitely the most common photo taken in Huntington Beach. If you simply cannot get around to capturing the perfect sunset kissed photo of the HB Pier, you will be able to photo shop yourself into any variety found on google image search. Or borrow the one seen here. We did (shhh!). 


Hyatt Regency to Beach Bridge

Take turns with your best bud, then position yourself on the meridian of this section of PCH...CAREFULLY...and take his/her photo with their arms spread out standing high above the "Huntington Beach" bridge inscription. "Top of the World!"


Disclaimer: YAHglobal assumes no responsibility for traffic jams and/or resulting injuries incurred while taking this photo. Seriously, don't do it "wink wink".



Naked Surfer

He's anatomically correct. The ocean must have been VERY cold that day...not the most...umm...flattering rendition.


Under the HB Pier at Sunset

Get your feet wet (but not too deep), and take a shot as the sun sets and the dim yet glistening ocean perfectly frames your silhouette...ooh, nevermind, THAT was deep. 


Duke Kahanamoku Statue


Aside from the HB Pier, this is the most photgraphed landmark in Huntington Beach and is responsible for the most cheesy, yet absolutely necessary, photos in someone's HB album. It screams "I don't live here!" when you cuddle up next to Duke and that's ok. That's what he's there for. Well, that and the fact that he may be single handedly responsible for introducing surfing to the state of California, and thus the Continental U.S. as a whole.


For an even better and more significant photo, purchase a lei from Beach Island or Dwight's Surf City Gifts one of the gift shops and take the photo while placing the lei (if you can climb up or stand on someone's back) around the legend himself.


"Mahalo" (Thank You) Duke