Sakal Surf Shop
Address : 201 Main St. Huntington Beach
Phone : (714) 536-0505

ABOUT Sakal Surfboards

Sakal Surfboards is a family owned & operated surf shop located in downtown Huntington Beach on Main Street, close to the Huntington Beach Pier. Ed Sakal started shaping surfboards back in 1969 in South Bay. He later worked for Greg Knoll, Town & Country (T&C!) and E.T. Surfboards. In 1984 Ed opened up his own surf shop in Huntington Beach and now owns and operates Sakal Surfboards. Sakal Surfboards baords are all hand shaped and built from start to finish in Ed's own factory.

YAH Says...

Sakal Surfboards

Sakal Surfboards is one of those tried and true shops that stand the test of time in a market over run by big box stores and maintains its position in the retail real estate "not-so-free for all" known as Main Street, Huntington Beach.

Service at Sakal Surf Shop is extremely friendly and accommodating. You feel no pressure to buy when browsing and yet you feel the urge to make a purchase before leaving out of appreciation for their ability to thrive in today's aforementioned action sports market, not to mention for the simple fact that they carry a great selection at very reasonable prices.

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