Sancho's Tacos Huntington Beach
Address : 602 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA
Phone : (714) 536 8226

Best Tacos in Huntington Beach! Read complete "YAH Says" review below.

Sancho's Tacos Hours of Operation: Sun 8AM - 8PM / Mon to Sat 8AM - 9PM

Sancho's Tacos Huntington Beach

Sancho's Tacos Huntington Beach

YAH Says...

Sancho's Tacos Huntington Beach

Walk into Sancho's blindfolded and you may think you've wandered into a tattoo shop, eclectic art gallery, unlicensed dive bar, or all of the above. You would not necessarily be wrong. However its home on the historical Huntington Beach corner of 6th and PCH, formerly of Java Jungle coffee/surf shop infamy, is a taco joint to the core. A very hard core.

Sancho's Tacos is a gathering place for HB locals and other OC residents who deem it well worth the trek to not only hit the menu but to spend an hour or two marinating in the mix. Beach cruisers, custom cars, and motorcycles fill the lot while skate and surfboards form a quiver against the exterior walls. This place is (expletive) great. The fact that they serve up the best tacos in Surf City USA on top of everything else is simply not fair to the other hoards of Mexi-Cali eateries in town. Forget 'em, you need not venture elsewhere for this culinary and atmospheric fix.

Sancho's burritos (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), quesadillas, and nachos are all excellent, but you already know where we're leading with this so no need to make you wait. Tacos. The OG (choice tri-tip, fresh onions & cilantro, w/sour cream and Chubbie sauce) is sweet, chewy, and so full of flavor you can't comprehend how they pack it into such a compact circular fold. The Federale substitutes slow roasted carnitas from tri-tip for an even sweeter taste. Then there's the Skimps which tastes like a North Shore Oahu shrimp truck drove through the front doors dumping delicious garlicky goodness onto soft taco shells laying in wait (a la those 80's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercials). Thankfully you don't have to decide on just one as Sancho's combos allow you to sample the varied taco menu. Try out different combinations until you nail the perfect set, a taste test where you simply can't go wrong.

Sancho's Tacos - Best Tacos in Huntington Beach, California.

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