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Dining in Huntington Beach Surf City Usa, CA

Don The Beachcomber

16278 Pacific Coast Hwy. Huntington Beach, CA

From Management  Welcome to Don The Beachcomber. Join the Don the Beachcomber Family! Be it a quick dinner or celebrating a birthday, we are always here to provide you with unique venue for a great event!

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Description : ABOUT Fred's Mexican Cafe… view more

YAH Says : Fred's Mexican CafeGreat Mexi-Cali… view more
Fred's Mexican Cafe

Great Mexi-Cali vibe, fun crowd, and an awesome patio view of Main & PCH beach drive. Bring your passport after 7pm if you want to get in as Fred's goes from Family Friendly to Party Scene at the ring of the nearby clock tower. 

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Description : Best Tacos in Huntington… view more

YAH Says : Sancho's Tacos Huntington Beach… view more

Sancho's Tacos Huntington Beach

Walk into Sancho's blindfolded and you may think you've wandered into a tattoo shop, eclectic art gallery, unlicensed dive bar, or all of the above. You would not necessarily be wrong. However its home on the historical Huntington Beach corner of 6th and PCH, formerly of Java Jungle coffee/surf shop infamy, is a taco joint to the core. A very hard core.

Sancho's Tacos is a gathering place for HB locals and other OC residents who deem it well worth the trek to not only hit the menu but to spend an hour or two marinating in the mix. Beach cruisers, custom cars, and motorcycles fill the lot while skate and surfboards form a quiver against the exterior walls. This place is (expletive) great. The fact that they serve up the best tacos in Surf City USA on top of everything else is simply not fair to the other hoards of Mexi-Cali eateries in town. Forget 'em, you need not venture elsewhere for this culinary and atmospheric fix.

Sancho's burritos (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), quesadillas, and nachos are all excellent, but you already know where we're leading with this so no need to make you wait. Tacos. The OG (choice tri-tip, fresh onions & cilantro, w/sour cream and Chubbie sauce) is sweet, chewy, and so full of flavor you can't comprehend how they pack it into such a compact circular fold. The Federale substitutes slow roasted carnitas from tri-tip for an even sweeter taste. Then there's the Skimps which tastes like a North Shore Oahu shrimp truck drove through the front doors dumping delicious garlicky goodness onto soft taco shells laying in wait (a la those 80's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercials). Thankfully you don't have to decide on just one as Sancho's combos allow you to sample the varied taco menu. Try out different combinations until you nail the perfect set, a taste test where you simply can't go wrong.

Sancho's Tacos - Best Tacos in Huntington Beach, California.

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Description : Best Acai Bowl in… view more

YAH Says : Banzai Bowls Huntington Beach… view more

Banzai Bowls Huntington Beach

The acai bowl craze that has traveled down via the pineapple express from Hawaii to the mainland has not left Huntington Beach untouched. Considering that HB is the closest thing you can get to the North Pacific islands in North America it just makes good sense. One walk around the main strips of beachfront Surf City evidences shops and juice bars offering their take on the antioxident rich bowl of sweet goodness but only one truly nails the concept, rivaling the likes of Haleiwa Bowls on the North Shore of Oahu. That shop is located on 5th Street down the road from the HBPD - Banzai Bowls.

During peak hours (dawn patrol, breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner) you're looking at a 20-30 minute wait in line on a warm Orange County day. Longer if you happen to be in town during the US Open of Surfing, a long weekend, or some other celebratory string of days. But don't let the Banzai Bowls queue keep you from venturing in. The half hour it can take to get your order is a welcome trade for the half hour spent (take your time) enjoying their blended exotic fruit and granola concoction.  

The menu board is far more varied than one would expect from a spot that exclusively serves acai (and pitaya) bowls. Borrowing names from Hawaiian island destinations and affectations (e.g. Diamond Head, Da Kine, etc...) puts you in the right state of mind before placing your order. The OG Bowl (blend of apple juice or hemp milk, acai, bananas, strawberries and topped w/granola, bananas, and honey) is the go-to for most patrons but our pick for the best, not only from Banzai Bowls, but from the entire 714 area code, is the Maui Sunrise. This refreshing beast of a bowl blends coconut milk, pineapple juice, acai, bananas, strawberries and is layered with crunchy granola, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, coconut shreds, and honey. The pitaya bowls at Banzai Bowls are comparably flavorful and filling, albeit milder and not as sweet, as is the nature of this cousin to the acai berry.

A jaunt to Banzai Bowls in Huntington Beach is essential to any visit to Huntington Beach as they do indeed serve up the best bowls in the Surf City USA.

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Description : ABOUT Michele's Sugar Shack… view more

YAH Says : "The best family owned… view more

"The best family owned & operated breakfast/brunch spot in SoCal!"

Get there early (sunrise!), we mean early, or be prepared to wait (especially during the week of the US Open of Surfing). Howvever, it's 100% worth it. Michele's Sugar Shack Cafe is a family owned and operated breakfast/brunch/lunch spot that feels like a family owned and operated breakfast/brunch/lunch spot should. It caters to the locals and regulars of this tight knit surfside community as well as the more than welcome tourists. Not only a must visit, but a must return.

We recommend the "HSS Special": Sourdough bread breakfast sandwhich wiith Ham, Egg & Cheese and a side of fried, round, and not-so-thin sliced potatos. Complement the meal with a large lemonade.

HSS Special at Michele's Sugar Shack Cafe

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Description : ABOUT Dukes Huntington BeachDuke's… view more

YAH Says : Dukes Huntington Beach"Best Desert… view more
Dukes Huntington Beach

"Best Desert in HB - Kimo's Hula Pie!"

Macadamian Nut Ice Cream piled high on a chocolate cookie crust and topped with chocolate fudge, whipped cream, and more macadamia nuts. Definitely big enough to share but we don't want to! Pretty much any meal is good at Duke's, but be sure to leave room for the Kimo's Hula Pie.

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Description : ABOUT Hurricanes Bar &… view more

YAH Says : Hurricanes Bar & Grill"Best… view more
Hurricanes Bar & Grill

"Best Philly Cheesesteak in HB!"

Look up in the sky! It's Hurricane's! Found on the second level of HB's main drag, Hurricane's is a must visit for its well portioned pub style menu and to share drinks with locals and not so touristy tourists alike. YAH recommends the Philly Cheesesteak and California Buritto.

Hurricane's bar also serves a great slushy rainbow rum beverage where you actually get your $10 bucks worth in alcohol and a take home souvenir "tall boy" cup - order one, or two.

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Description : Bruxie Gourment Waffle Sandwiches… view more

YAH Says : Bruxie Gourment Waffle Sandwiches… view more

Bruxie Gourment Waffle Sandwiches in Huntington Beach

This 5th street HB eatery has taken the greatest comfort food concept in the world (fried chicken and waffles) and put a twist on it. In replacing the traditional bun with a Belgian waffle, Bruxie has redefined the burger and sandwich scene in Surf City.

The secret to Bruxie's fast-rising success with 714 locals and visitors is their waffle, of course. The waffle is soft enough to envelope the kitchen's great selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meats without ever feeling soggy, even when dripping in maple syrup, cheese, or other sauce found on their varied menu. This is one spot you should visit for all three squares of the day (just maybe not in the same day for the sake of your diet). We'll drop our top three picks on you here. For breakfast, we suggest the Country Sausage, Egg, & Cheddar (grilled sausage, tillamook cheddar, and mayo w/a jumbo egg). For lunch, the classic Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffle w/chili honey and cider slaw (be sure to add a side of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup). For dinner, indulge in their newest addition, the Buffalo & Blue Cheese Fried Chicken & Waffle (pictured in top right corner).

Bruxie's also serves up some incredible sweet and savory waffle-based desserts, including the delectable Nutella & Bananas(w/sweet cream), the S'Mores (as it sounds), and the Lemon Meringue "Pie" (w/lemon cream, graham cracker, and toasted marshmallow). 

Surprisingly, Bruxie's offers all of this oh-so-good comfort food at a very low price, with all meals (and they indeed are meals) coming in under the $10 mark. The gourmet waffles sandwiches are worth every penny, and more.

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Description : ABOUT Primos Coffee and… view more

YAH Says : Primos Coffee Huntington Beach… view more

Primos Coffee Huntington Beach

If you haven't been to Huntington Beach in a few years you may wander over to 6th and PCH to get your pastry fix from Supreme Donuts only to find Primos in its place. No need to turn around. While it always sucks to lose a long standing tradition in a beach town that's seeing malls and resorts being built where mom & pop shops once stood Primos (and neighboring Sancho's Tacos) stands in defiance of developers. They maintain a strong local vibe with mellow staff, surf/skate decor, and a parking lot gathering that feels like a never ending tailgate party to honor an endless summer. The folks at Supreme weren't all that friendly anyways, so Primos is a welcome addition to HB.

But do they fill the void left by the loss of Supreme's superior doughnuts and fresh coffee? You bet. Their eclectic doughnut selection is as colorful as the characters that frequent the establishment and the coffee is very good too. Primos is also home to the Acai King stand, an alternative for those hunting for an acai bowl in Huntington Beach that don't feel like waiting 30-minutes in line at famed Banzai Bowls two blocks around the corner. Picky doughnut aficionados and beanery snobs will pick apart Primos but when it comes to the "whole package" (coffee, doughnuts, crowd, beachfront scenery, and overall atmosphere) this new staple on 6th and PCH simply kicks ass. We hope it sticks around for a decade or two before developers get their paws on the lot.

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9. Shades Restaurant and Bar

Address : 21100 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA

Phone : (714) 845-8444

Description : view more

YAH Says : view more

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10. Savannah at the Beach

Address : 315 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA

Phone : (714) 374-7273

Description : view more

YAH Says : view more

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