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The Sheraton Keauhou Bay comes equipped with everything you could want from a Big Island resort perched upon a cliff overlooking the North Pacific. The decor is beyond description, the amenities are all encompassing and the service supersedes expectations. This is no big surprise. But what we love most about this property are the Manta Rays! 

Patrons and visiting public flock to a special viewing area fronting Sheraton's Manta Ray Bar & Grill to witness the rays glide under the clear blue surface below in their natural habitat and not confined within some indulgent salt water tank as found in many resort aquariums. Certain suites on the property have lanais (balconies) that stare directly down at the very same spectacle. If you're really lucky, you'll get to see the Sheraton's most famous resident - Big Bertha - an especially large ray that frequents the area which recently gave birth to pups.

Whether you consider them to be aliens or angels of the sea these Manta Rays are a site to behold and are well worth the price of admission to one of Kailua-Kona's most prized properties - the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa.

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Volcano House Hotel

Volcano House Hotel

There is a list of activities that come to mind when visitors make plans to visit the Hawaiian Islands. Surfing, snorkeling, pineapple plantation touring, Kona coffee tasting, luau dining, and visiting the Big Island's famed Kilauea Volcano. Kilauea is a mysterious beast that lures visitors from all over the world to its steaming crater but keeps them at an arm's length due to its fierce and temperamental nature. Even with the bevy of boat, hiking, and helicopter tours available Kilauea seems like a gamble to many - you never know when it's going to put on a show. Looking for the best way to hedge your bets with Kilauea? Spend a few nights with her.

The reopening of the Volcano House Hotel is one of the greatest things to happen to tourism on the Big Island. Steep in history this piping hot accommodation attraction is sure to fill to capacity for many years to come as long as Pele (Hawaiian Goddess of Fire that resides in spirit in the region) permits.

As far as locations go the Volcano House Hotel, with its rugged landscape and a close proximity (as in ridiculously close) view of Halema‘uma‘u Crater at the summit of Kilauea, offers the perfect departure for those that have already explored the Big Island's beach front hotels and resorts.

The renovations that reopened the Volcano House Hotel opted out of post modern contemporary design in favor of true island interior and architectural accents. If one was to close their eyes on the Mainland to open them suddenly within a suite at the Volcano House Hotel they would instantly know they were in Hawaii - exactly as it should be. The Aloha service too conveys what people come to these islands for in the first place.

Even though the fire breathing natural landscape of the region demands you leave the comforts of the accommodation to explore with wanderlust you'll return each evening ecstatic to join other guests within the walls of The Rim for fine, but far from pretentious, Hawaiian dining as the sun sets and Kilauea takes over with its own orange, red, and yellow hues. The experience of enjoying the Hilo Coffee-rubbed Lamb or the White Pineapple Wrapped Opakapaka while sipping a sparkling Hula O Maui as Kilauea glows outside of the expansive windows is proverbially incomparable.

Pay homage to Pele for prompting the eruptions that shaped the beveled edges and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands by entering her embrace within the comforts of her warm bosom at the Volcano House Hotel.

Write-up by Marcus Maraih - Editor. Follow Marcus Maraih on Google

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Manago Hotel Hawaii

For those of you looking for a budget friendly departure from the oceanfront accommodations sprinkled along the varying shore lines of the Big Island without sacrificing convenience, Manago Hotel is it.

Manago Hotel Hawaii

Located a mere 15 minute drive or one hour walk (or more if you stop and smell the hibiscus along the way) from Kealakekua Bay - a popular destination of historical significance (the death of Captain Cook) - Manago Hotel offers tremendous bang for the traveler's buck. With rates averaging in the mid-sixty dollar range one may rightfully expect accommodations to resemble a grimy tropical hostel riddled with geckos and fist sized insects but Manago is renowned for its cleanliness and neat, compact appearance. It may not serve as the picturesque Big Island vacation stay that your peers expect in your Instagram feed but the money you'll save will be used to adequately explore the amazing terrain and activities surrounding you to the fullest. What do you need to stay in the hotel for more than a few hours per night anyways? You're on Hawaii, explore.

On that note of wanderlust, the hotel is also with a short drive (or three hour hike) to the Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park - the City of Refuge - an inexplicably magical place that no first visit to the Big Island should miss. If you can manage to snag a reservation in advance, the Japanese suite at Manago Hotel is a prize at $75/night and offers a great view along with authentic Japanese accommodations. However another big bonus of the Manago Hotel is the pork chops. The diner located within is heralded as serving quite possibly the best pork chops within the entire island chain of Hawaii, in addition to wetting appetites with everything from cheeseburgers to Mahi Mahi.

Manago Hotel is refreshing for those seeking a unique yet affordable Big Island vacation experience that begins with selecting the right place to rest one's head.

Manago Hotel Hawaii

Manago Hotel Hawaii

Manago Hotel Hawaii

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7. Hotel Honokaa Club

Address : 45-3480 Mamane Street, Honokaa, HI 96727-6970

Phone : (808) 775-0678

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About Hotel Honokaa Club  From Management Website


Welcome to Hotel Honokaa in Hawaii's quaint town of Honokaa.  We invite you to experience our local hospitality, wooden storefronts, shopping, and breathtaking scenery.


During your stay, you will enjoy the nearby towns, parks, valleys and the stunning, unpopulated beauty of Waipio Valley.


This historic wooden Hotel, established in 1908, is a GREEN photovoltaic-powered facility.


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8. Aloha Junction Bed & Breakfast

Address : 19-4037 Olapalapa Road, Volcano Village, Big Island, HI 96785

Phone : (808) 967 7289

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ABOUT Aloha Junction Bed & Breakfast

In a village on the rim of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, many adventuresome travelers seek the refuge of a nearby, reasonably priced inn in Volcano. After driving 29 miles from Hilo or 100 miles from Kona to explore the enchantments of lava, the spirit of Madame Pele, swirling vapors from steam vents,The Aloha Junction Bed and Breakfast stands nearby waiting to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere travelers arrive .

Your host, Robert, welcomes each and every one of our guests and acquaints them with the parking, our house and their room. He's always there to answer concerns about how to get in and out of the gate with the remote-controller, what's for breakfast, local restaurants, and prime places to go and see.

Breakfast is usually served around 8 AM each day. So get ready for a feast of the senses! While you're helping yourself to that first cup of coffee, beautiful Hawaiian music will be playing in the background. Other guests will join you as you congregate towards the fireplace and "talk story" about your adventures and exchange advice.

By then you'll be ready to be served your first course ~ yummmmm, like our popular "Papaya Boat" loaded with local bananas and fresh squeezed lemons. Robert makes sure nobody goes away from the table hungry!

That will be followed by the "dish of the day" ~ anything from Macadamia-nut & Blueberry pancakes, to eggs and hash brown, and always a sausage or two.

*From management website

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Aloha Junction Bed & Breakfast

Review pending. YAHglobal recently visited the Aloha Junction Bed & Breakfast. Check back soon for updates!

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9. Macadamia Meadows Farm Bed & Breakfast

Address : 94-6263 Kamaoa Road, Naalehu, HI 96772

Phone : (808) 929-8097

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