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The Best Tequila Related Activities In Guadalajara

Disclaimer: This section should not be read by Americans under 21, Canadians under 19, Australians and Europeans under 18 (so on and so forth) and Mormons.

Now here's a title that most of you can get behind right? Guadalajara may be well known for it's deep history in religion but it is also the center for one of the world's best known shot glass slammers, Tequila. Your journey to Guadalajara will take you through many amazing monuments, landmarks and sites, but no other aspect of this historied city will give you as many anecdotes as its blue agave plant derived liquor. Forget everything you think you know about this beverage and laugh in the face of your friends that brag about a cross border trip to Tijuana to sample the real deal. Guadalajara will take you on a true Tequila journey that you just might not return the same from. Salud!



Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico

Wait a second, how can the word "Tequila" be an actual item on this list you ask? Well, its not just a word nor in exact reference to the beverage. Tequila is actually a town outside of Guadalaraja (approximately one hour by bus or express train; see item 2 below) where the tequila you all know, love, or hate (too many rough "morning afters"?) is born and bred. Due to the popularity of the town's export, Tequila was declared a World Heritage Site and the Mexican Federal Government named the destination "Pueblo Magico", or "Magical Town". They must have sampled plenty of the product.

There is a National Museum of Tequila and a National Festival that takes place from November to December which actually crowns a Tequila Queen, way more prestigious than any Miss America or Miss Universe title for certain. Of course, Mexico being Mexico, they have named a patron saint of Tequila; Our Lady of the Purisima Concepcion. It would have been so much cooler if said saint had the name of this agave plant turned liqour, but Our Lady of Tequila would simply have been too much to handle.


Tequila Express Train Tour

For reservations phone #: 53 (33) 3880-9090 Extensions: 2099, 2212, 2217, or 2137 OR reach Ticketmaster Guadalajara on extensions 3818, 3800

As an obvious tie in to the town of Tequila above, the Tequila Express Train takes you on a tour through the agave fields of Jalisco near Guadalajara and into this unassuming town where you will learn along the way about the history of delightfully infamous beverage. With a name like the Tequila Express, how could it not be the all time ultimate party train? Throw in the Mariachi band and you have no better way to mix and mingle and make friends with fellow travelers than on this voyage. You just might not remember any of them in the morning, so make sure you take plenty of photos and jot down names and numbers to match faces.

Every saturday morning the train departs from the Guadalajara Train Station. Fun and informative tour guides are included in the ticket price of 850 pesos (prices may have recently changed). 


World International Tequila Conference - April 4-7/2011

Guadalajara Plaza Expo, Ave Mariano Otero No.3261, Col Verde Valle, 44550 Guadalajara, Mexico. Ph. #: 1 (800) 987-5292

Usually hotel conferences are pretty boring, but one based solely on the existence of Tequila is sure to get more interesting than an office supply expo and the like. The World International Tequila Conference is the only one held in 100% english. Yes,apparantly there are more than one held in Mexico. Although the convention is a valuable learning and networking tool for restauranteurs, bartenders and industry professionals, there is plenty for tequila afficionados to get excited about.

The events schedule last 5 days and includes an array of fascinating (for connoisseurs) presentations from industry insiders and of course tasting "workshops". Day 3 is especially engaging as attentdees are taken on tour to the original home of tequila in the town of Tequila, Jalisco. The final day sees the event close with a Gala, allowing for the perfect opportunity to get to know the friends an associates you've made over the last 5 days in an informally formal setting.

Early bird registration is $450 U.S., and $495 after March 1/2011. The fee includes all access to scheduled events, transportation to Tequila and the Highlands, meals and tequila tastings. Follow the link here to register.


La Tequila Cocina Mexicana

Ave Mexico 2830 C.P., Guadalajara, Mexico

After considering all of the above items on the list and learning about the history, process and regulatory environment of tequila, its best to experience the culture in its truly natural environment, the tequila bar. La Tequila Cocina Mexicana is one of the best reviewed restaurant/bars in Guadalajara, known for its selection of this agave treat. The upstairs club is a cool, contemporary, yet informal environment perfect for sampling La Tequila Cocina's bar selection while fraternizing with fellow travelers, tequila connoisseurs, and the beautiful people of Guadalajara.