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Acai Bowl Vancouver

Acai Bowls started in Brazil, made their way to Hawaii as a breakfast staple, and naturally followed to Mainland America. Smoothie bars and even food trucks now blend the deep purple Brazilian superfruit to creamy frozen perfection, adding crunchy granola and topping the whole affair off with sliced banana, strawberries, coconut, and a drizzle of natural honey. This antioxidant rich bowl of goodness is taking the health conscious nation by storm and we’re starting to see Best Acai Bowl lists pop up for cities all over the map, notably in Honolulu where the some of the best in the world are served.

Tourists returning to Mainland U.S.A. can usually hunt down an Acai Bowl in their nearest metropolis but recently we were asked on YAHglobal’s Twitter page about its availability in Vancouver BC Canada. As an alternative travel guide with a focus on coastal North America and the Hawaiian Islands we consider it our duty to respond to such queries by sending our regional contributors out there into the trenches. Because of one desperate soul yearning for a true Acai Bowl and seeking help on our Twitter page we have now started a list for the Best Acai Bowls in Vancouver. It ain’t pretty folks – it’s a small “list” and as such it will be a live document from here on in, growing as each likely establishment catches onto the justified craze.

Best Acai Bowls in Vancouver BC as of October 2015


Glory Juice Co.

4027 MacDonald Street, Vancouver, BC

Acai Bowl Vancouver - Glory Juice Co

The recently opened (2015) Glory Juice Co. is a yet another purveyor of organic juicing in the Greater Vancouver area. Thankfully they've stepped it up a notch over their competitors by offering superfood bowls and ultimately claim the top position on this list. Adopted by the #trending Olympic Village crowd (how to they keep their beards from dipping into the bowl?) we expect Glory Juice co. to spark the acai bowl demand across the waters of False Creek into the downtown core. More details on Glory Juice Co here

Radicle Juice

3088 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Acai Bowl Vancouver - Radical Juice

Radicle Juice understands that potential that acia bowls have in Vancouver, especially with the in-the-know Main street crowd at it's disposal. They've headlined it at the top of their website, from which we borrowed the image above. While we wish their serving size was as big as their marketing of the superfruit bowl (it's definitely on the small side) they do offer the biggest selection of acai bowls in the Lower Mainland. More details coming soon (we just dicovered them as well).

Body Energy Club

428 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

Trust this nutrition house to be home to one the only acai bowls we’ve found in downtown Vancouver. Body Energy Club has long held the title to the Best Smoothies in Vancouver and it only makes sense that they picked up on the acai berry’s benefits for both health and taste buds. Body Energy Club’s Acai Bowl is a little small for our liking but fairly priced at about $8.50. Regardless, the serving packs the necessary fruit punch and is the most convenient option for those in the downtown core.

Booster Juice

1764 Davie St, Vancouver, BC

Booster Juice Vancouver Acai

Booster Juice offers the best take on Acai bowls in downtown Vancouver. For more information on Booster Juice Vancouver click here.

Jimmy’s Fruit Juice Bar

Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver, BC

Acai Bowl Vancouver

Jimmy’s Fruit Juice Bar is located within North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay. They seem to truly understand how a traditional acia bowl shoujld be served. When we asked about the option to have coconut and honey added as toppings they inquired if we were from Hawaii. Score! We footed the extra loonie to add the necessary drizzle of natural honey (unfortunatelty there was no shredded coconut on the premesis) and excitedly hopped over the waterfront tables to enjoy it overlooking the saltwater scene, as it should be. Jimmy’s is at the bottom of this list because their frozen blended Acai was fairly watery with leftover chunks of ice here and there. That being said the fruit topping was exquisitely fresh, the granola nice and crunchy, and the sweet to tart - almost chocolaty - flavor of the Brazilian berry was kept well in-tact within the decently proportioned serving.

Acai Bowl Vancouver - Jimmys Fruit and Juice Bar - Lonsdale Quay

Have you come across a quality acai bowl in the Greater Vancouver area? Please leave the name of the establishment via Facebook comment below and we'll send someone to investigate. Mahalo!