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Modern Bartender

An imbiber by casual definition refers to an individual who consumes alcoholic beverages, often in excess, to a point that it defines them. Someone who rides waves on a daily basis is a surfer. Someone who gets up at the break of dawn everyday to run around the seawall is a jogger. The Modern Bartender unapologetically caters to the first.

Before you jump to the assumption that this retailer acts as a gateway to AA meetings take 12 steps back. You see, Modern Bartender pays homage to a time when the at-home bar was an art, before "man caves" were relegated to the cobwebbed corners of the garage, before shag carpets became vintage, and when classic cars were simply cars.

The items within this shop defy its curious location in Chinatown (cheap lease we assume). Modern Bartender houses the ultimate collection of bar supplies, whether you are a professional or simply a cocktail party enthusiast. The wares border both on class and kitsch but never dull and we guarantee if you're on the hunt to buy something for the "man (or hip chick) that has everything" this shop has the hidden gem. Even if you're a mixologist novice completely baffled by the bartending gadgets within you could decorate your home bar and fake it without your guests being none the wiser. However the cocktail recipe books, syrups, and bitters available at Modern Bartender will have you on your way to impress the most fickle and soon to be pickled imbiber.

But that's not all. Modern Bartender is also home to the only retail assortment of tiki collectibles in the province. Their selection of Tiki Farm mugs will have visitors grabbing a souvenir more apt to a vacation in the North or South Pacific. Replica t-shirts from original prints from the days of tiki lore are stacked folded on a table while Charlie Sheen ala Two & a Half Men styled button-ups hang from the rack.

If you haven't put two and two together yet the Modern Bartender and its owner Rod Moore also mark the genesis for Canada's first addition to the Best Tiki Bars in America list - the Shameful Tiki Room on Main Street Vancouver. With these two establishments Rod has filled a not-so-underground demand in Vancouver with great flare and we eagerly await to see what he's got next up his polyester short sleeves.

Article & Photos by Marcus Maraih - Visit Marcus Maraih on Google

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The Mad Picker Vancouver

Antique, curio, and vintage shops (not the kind that carry mothball laden hipster dresses) in Greater Vancouver are a dying breed. Real estate corporations have been shutting down these brick and mortar retail relics left and right. Have you ever noticed the ominous green "Mario Negris personal real estate corporation" signs on every corner of the city? Such businesses don't stand a chance yet one stands in defiance along East Hastings street on the hill that bridges Downtown Vancouver and the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) grounds. The Mad Picker is an awesome ode to the past that translates the social media concept of #throwbackthursday into a seven day a week affair.

The storefront window alone tells you that you've stumbled upon something special. One peak inside evidences everything from surfboards to a ZOLTAR carnival game a la the Tom Hanks movie BIG. Large button porcelain Coca Cola signs, jukeboxes, rare tin toys from the 30's, and Rock Em Sock Em Robots can be found within. You can't help but open the chiming door to take an enthusiastic step inside to browse. Unlike every other remaining shop if its relative kind in Greater Vancouver (as found on the outskirts of Gastown) The Mad Picker actually replenishes its stock on a frequent basis. On any given day you will find scuffed overall wearing pickers bringing boxes of rusted gold into the shop with many items going from picker to store and into the hands of customers within minutes.

The Mad Picker is an epic find for locals looking to add to their eclectic home decor and for visitors collecting bits of Americana paraphernalia on their travels. Best Antique, Curio, and Vintage Shop in Greater Vancouver without question.

Pepsi Soda Fountain at The Mad Picker Vancouver

Billabong Surfboard at The Mad Picker Vancouver

Review by Marcus Maraih, West Coast (US/Canada) Editorial Contributor of YAHglobal - Follow Marcus Maraih on Google

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3. Pacific Centre

Address : 701 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC

Phone : (604) 688-7235

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Pacific Centre

Not a big mall by any means, but what Pacific Centre lacks in size it makes up for in "shopability" (it's a word!). Pacific Centre is a suitable downtown mall, with focus on forward fashion and the young, hip and trendy demographic. There isn't a whole lot to do for the kids/children with respect to shopping and activities, plus the foodcourt is limited, so if you're packing the family along on a shopping expedition you're better off heading to Metropolis at Metrotown , otherwise Pacific Centre Mall will more than satisfy your cravings for "in the now" fashion, accessories and miscellaneous necessities (stuff!). 

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The Found & The Freed Pop Up Shop takes advantage of two big trends sweeping across the nation - antique treasure hunting and the pop up shop concept.


The Found and the Freed Pop Up Shop in Gastown


Unless you're on their mailing list, your best shot at coming across The Found & The Freed Pop Up Shop is by walking around aimlessly through the Gastown District of Vancouver, which is basically the favorite pastime of lazy day locals and tourists fresh in from the nearby cruise ship docking yard. On any given day, The Found & the Freed may be in the midst of one of their Gastown openings which last for about a month or two.


The Found and the Freed Pop Up Shop


The Found & The Freed is a fun place to visit for those with a penchant for vintage decor and a curiosity for antiques and curio. The shop picks locations to perfectly accent its rustic and ever changing collection of weather beaten goods and a visit to Found & The Freed is a great way to spend an hour with a latte in hand while browsing acquisitions from many decades passed. If you are a collector of fine vintage things then you'll get goosebumps over the one of a kind worn leather satchels, archaic woodworks, cast iron furnishings, porcelain signs, and maps that could have come from the bowels of pirate ships. Urban hipsters with disposable income froth over this cool pop up shop and their brick stone lofts will be better for it.

The Found and the Freed Pop Up Shop


Follow our Twitter for weekly updates on where to find the Found & The Freed Pop Up Shop and visit their website @

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Macleod's Books

Old, dusty, and toppling over from head to creaking basement floor, MacLeod's Books is the last remaining dinosaur of the Vancouver book store landscape and we pray it stays.

Macleod's Books Vancouver

You can feel the history when you walk in. Counter staff barely registers your presence when the door chimes because they probably can't see you over the antiquarian stacks of bound and carefully inked parchment. You actually appreciate the privacy when you're on the hunt for a special book, even if you're not aware of what that book is yet, so feel free to browse without anyone looking over your shoulder. However, should you need assistance the staff is impossibly knowledgable about a collection that would crash Amazon's database.

Macleod's Books Vancouver

A perfect rainy day afternoon in Vancouver could be spent dusting off and purchasing a leather bound treasure from inside the walls of MacLeod's Books and concluding the quiet adventure by heading over to nearby Finch's Tea & Coffee House - a perfect match in ambiance to this store - to read your treasure over a latte and a cookie (you'll see).

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Metropolis at Metrotown is shopping mecca in Greater Vancouver. It's size, store selection, food court options, roster of seasonal activities, premium movie theatre and convenient location change the definition of mall for anyone in the province of B.C., and most of Canada, excluding of coarse West Edmonton Mall, although Metropolis at Metrotown has more retail stores and is far less irritating for those that hate overcrowding. However, Metrotown can get crazy from time to time depending on the season or hour of day, so be prepared

For travelers, assuming a start from downtown Vancouver, a simple ride on the skytrain from the Granville Station will take you to Metrotown in under 25 minutes, without transfer.

The only downside to dedicated shopaholics is the lack of high end merchandise such as Gucci, LV, Chanel, Hermes, etc... You will need to head to Holt Renfrew, connected to Pacific Centre for the likes of names that carry products most likely to have price tags with 4 to 5 digits before the decimal. Otherwise, Metropolis at Metrotown should satisfy any shopping or mall "hang out" related needs you have.

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7. Oakridge Centre

Address : 650 West 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC

Phone : (604) 261-2511

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8. Richmond Centre

Address : 6551 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC

Phone : (604) 713-7467

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9. Park Royal

Address : 2002 Park Royal South, West Vancouver BC

Phone : (604) 922-3211

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