Mancakes Bakery Cafe
Address : 288 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC
Phone : (778) 886 5323

Best Cupcakes in Vancouver? Read the complete review for ManCakes below and find out which cupcake takes the title for Best Cupcake in Vancouver.

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Mancakes Bakery Cafe Vancouver

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Mancakes Bakery Cafe

While the name of this bakery/cafe makes one think that perhaps Mancakes specializes in phallic shaped cakes for stagette parties or weddings in the state of Vermont, it stands more as a shot to the Barbie-esque Cupcakes franchise found throughout Vancouver BC. If you've seen the obnoxious "reality" show Cupcake Girls then you know the shot is deserved, intended to not. Not to take away from the Cupcakes chain by any means, they sell some delightful cupcakes with mounds of icing to tempt the most fickle sweet tooth, but the word delightful will never be used to describe Mancakes' cupcakes - and that's a good thing!

So here it is - Mancakes has within its pastry case possession the greatest cupcake to ever grace the culinary streets of Greater Vancouver. But before that cupcake is revealed - let's deliver some additional intel.

Located at the bottom sloping portion of Robson Street as it approaches BC Place, this new cupcake cafe may go unnoticed by passer-byers who are more accustomed to spotting noodle houses along the blocks by the Vancouver Public Library. It's minimalist contemporary decor stands in contrast to the pink cloudiness of its competitor where you wouldn't be surprised to see Care Bears sitting down for tea and cupcakes. Mancakes feels more like a place you would go for a quick bite before renting American Psycho on Blu-Ray with buddies and a bottle of scotch.

They serve coffee (no espresso yet) that claims to be the strongest in town, further cementing the fact that this joint is not for wussies. But of course the main attractions are the small crown shaped delicacies that line the pastry case. Mancakes feels more like a gourmet chocolatier when it comes time to inspect their selection and make a decision. The guys behind the counter expertly deliver their knowledge behind the recipe of each individual treat. With flavors like Chocolate Red Wine, Apple Brie, Rum & Coke, and Pink Peppercorn how the hell is one to make a decision? Thankfully Mancakes has a mini-variety-pack sampler which you should certainly pick up to take home, but don't dare leave without ordering at least two full-size cupcakes.

We ordered the Tequila Pineapple, which curiously combined to taste like an über rich carrot cake, and it is certainly worth mention as a "must try" but the simply named CHICAGO changed our perception of what a cupcake can be altogether. In fact, Mancakes' CHICAGO is the Best Cupcake in Vancouver BC. The moist cake exterior simply serves as a crumbling tube that contains the richest and creamiest caramel filling we've laid our taste buds on in years. But the icing is what commands the greatest of accolades - a cheddar cheese buttercream that dismisses all of the skeptical assessments held by any that inquire about the unique icing topping. Mancakes pastry chefs (and they are chefs) are geniuses for the marriage of caramel and cheddar cheese buttercream. The single kernel of popcorn on the top of the Chicago only serves to provide a mischievous wink to those who thought they knew what the cupcake scene was like in this town.

Cupcakes are no longer a monopoly business in Vancouver and the scene no longer looks like the bath & body section at Victoria Secret. Thanks guys.

Mancakes Bakery Cafe Vancouver

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