Sophies Cosmic Cafe
Address : 2095 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC
Phone : (604) 732 6810

ABOUT Sophies Cosmic Cafe

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YAH Says...

Sophies Cosmic Cafe

"Best Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch Joint in Greater Vancouver!"

Sophie's Cosmic Cafe is recognizable by the large chrome fork and knife that bookend the front door and the weekend line-up outside waiting to get in for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

Inside you will find the most wonderfully elaborately decorated interior of any eatery in Vancouver. Straight out of a garage sale treasure hunter's fantasy, the collection of vintage toys, advertising signs and other curio type items line every inch of every wall inside Sophie's Cosmic Cafe - completely out of this world.

While the line may have you waiting, the service will not. For a relatively compact establishment we have yet to see a better server to customer ratio anywhere else in the city. Even though the service is brisk and the wit is quick, the employees at Sophie's make you feel right at home without the slightest inkling to hurry your meal to usher in the next patron. Feel free to soak up the awesome atmosphere at your leisure.

The Mona Lisa inspired (sunny side up) menu plopped down in front of you opens up into a collection of comfort food choices at its best. We ordered the Eggs Benedict (w/Ham) and the Belgian Waffles. The Bennie was bang-on, especially when complemented by the flavorful home style hash browns and although our taste buds demanded more, our bellies were full. The waffles were superb and to order extra fruit topping would have been fruitless as once again, this order too was satisfying. We insisted on pushing the limits with an order of Key Lime Pie (because the towering Apple Pie displayed on the counter could have taken down a lumberjack) and it was massive, fluffy, sugary, and slightly sour enough to Florida sun-kissed perfection.

We gladly over-tipped and vowed to return to Sophie's Cosmic Cafe as soon as possible, especially on the next sunny day to take advantage of the people watching patio on the Arbutus street side. Fun for all of your senses, Sophie's offers a great casual dining experience!

Best Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch Joint in Greater Vancouver!

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