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Activities in Greater Vancouver, BC

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Description : ABOUT  From Management Website… view more

YAH Says : The Capilano Suspension Bridge… view more

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of those "must visit" attractions in Vancouver that can be exhilarating for some and "ho-hum" for others depending on your threshold for heights and crowded tourist destinations. But if you come with an open mind and a child-like enthusiasm you can spend an entire day enjoying the Suspension Bridge, Capilano Cliff Walk, Tree Top Walkways, nature trails, souvenir shopping, and grubbing down on some seriously tasty food from the village grill, cafe, or fudge shop!

Capilano Suspension Bridge Bus

Vintage style free shuttle from Downtown Vancouver to Capilano Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge Map

Enjoy a mocha from the Capilano Cafe while inspecting the map

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Unique vintage decor lines every corner of the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge

History lines the walkway towards the Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Which way?

Capilano Suspension Bridge

A unique view of the Capilano Suspension Bridge - from underneath

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Sounds good - is it true?

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Photo opps are everywhere

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Towards the Tree Tops Adventure

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Nature's Edge approaches

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Dare to enter?

Capilano Suspension Bridge

There are plenty of opportunities to take a breather

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Timber Co. Hiker's Cafe is a great spot to catch your breath

Capilano Suspension Bridge

You can even find a little bridge all to yourself

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Interesting pieces of history are even found in the tree tops

 Capilano Suspension Bridge

An old cast iron fireplace stands as a reminder of days of old

 Capilano Suspension Bridge

There's lots of cool stuff to see on the civilian side of the bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Water works displays are everywhere

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Creative use of old water buckets and barrels

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Pickers would love to poke around the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Stories are told all around Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge Band

Stop and enjoy the sounds of an old time band

Capilano Suspension Bridge Band

Even the staff at Capilano Suspension Bridge is vintage

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Don't leave without picking up something at the Capilano Trading Post

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Don't leave without sampling the famous Capilano Trading Post Fudge

Capilano Suspension Bridge Ice Cream

...or ice cream, weather permitting

Capilano Suspension Bridge

So much more than a bridge


See photo gallery on the top right corner for images of the Capilano Cliff Walk (and more)

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Description : ABOUT White Rock Beach… view more

YAH Says : White Rock Beach White… view more

White Rock Beach

White Rock Beach is a big departure from everything else that is known as Greater Vancouver. Its coastal location is so close to the U.S. that the local vibe feels more like that of a small Pacific Northwest town in neighboring Washington state - with every summer's eve holding the demeanor of a pre-Fourth-of-July celebration, before the excessive crowds arrive and the fireworks go off.

So close yet so far from the city of Surrey up the hill, White Rock Beach collects both young families and retirees into its comforting fold. This is evidenced by modes of transportation that range from strollers packed with toddlers, skateboards and bikes ridden by energetic teens, and exquisite classic cars cruising up and down the ocean front strip driven by old salts that have traveled everywhere in the world yet choose to settle down in their personal paradise here in White Rock.

While a beauty all year round, White Rock Beach shines best in the late spring and summer. When the tide is out you can walk for what seems like miles in either direction of the exposed wooden heritage pier. Early risers are first to put their footprints in the wet sand in hopes of finding seashell treasures washed ashore from far off in the Pacific. Seaglass, smoothed out rocks, and starfish dot the entire shoreline. Kids turn over rocks near the pier in an effort to snatch up scurrying crabs running from the daylight. Stand-up paddlers and flat water skimboarders hover over the glassy surface of the ocean and swimmers test their constitution for cool northwest waters. Casual observers line the White Rock Beach promenade glancing back and forth between the ocean view and the railway track lining the coast in case a train chugs through creating the unique picture perfect moment that this town is known for. Along the main drag are a collection of boutique shops retailing souvenirs and beach wear in addition to eateries with concepts ranging from fine dining and fish & chips to espresso and gelato. Beach attire is expected no matter what, so no need to bring a dinner jacket, only a casual sweater for the sweet cool breeze that cuts along the beach front.

If you happen to be visiting Greater Vancouver during the spring or summer and happen upon a string of sunny days be sure to add White Rock Beach to your itinerary - at the top of the list.

White Rock Beach - Woody Surf Cruiser

Sunny days in White Rock Beach bring out the classic cars and cruisers

White Rock Beach - Classic Cruisers

Low tide is a great time to explore the other side of White Rock Beach Pier

White Rock Beach - Beachcombing

Write-up and Photos by Marcus Maraih, Editor - Follow Marcus on Google

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Description : ABOUT Bowen Island See… view more

YAH Says : Bowen Island - The… view more

Bowen Island - The Perfect Getaway from Vancouver

Bowen Island is the closest inhabitable island from Vancouver. It's a mere 20 minute ferry ride after a 30 minute drive from downtown to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. In less than an hour you can escape every nuance that may bother you about Vancouver or city life in general and find yourself amongst an island community that seems so far detached from what's known as the Lower Mainland that it might as well be located off the shores of Southern California - as in a miniature version of Catalina Island - so to speak. On a warm sunny day, you could barely tell the difference.

Within minutes of disembarking the Queen of Capilano Ferry to Bowen Island our lost tourists without a map expression, given away by our 360 degree surveying of the surroundings, brought the helpful locals out of the woodwork. While visitor brochures are abound at the gateway of Bowen Island we sparsely had to look at the folded parchment as we were given tips about what to do and where to go (which we'll be sharing with you) from both counter staff and residents gathered around the local Bowen Island cafe.

Within a span of 6 hours we experienced the best of what Bowen Island had to offer. Follow the following photo stream for a visual taste of Bowen Island activities, attractions, healthy eats and sweet treats. We'll be returning soon so look for this montage to grow through the next few months.


Welcome to Bowen Island BC

Horseshoe Bay Lookout Coffee House

Before hopping on the ferry from Horseshoe Bay, stop by the Lookout Coffee House 

Bowen Island Ferry - Queen of Capilano

The Queen of Capilano ferry to Bowen Island

 Bowen Island Marina

Bowen Island Marina vintage appeal

Bowen Island Marina Directions

"What to do?"

 Bowen Island Snug Cafe

Best place to start the day on Bowen Island - The Snug on Bowen Coffee House

Bowen Island Snug Cafe Chess

Start with a BIG game of chess on the outside patio of Snug Coffee House

Bowen Island Snug Cafe Mocha

Snug Coffee House Mochas are amazing!

Bowen Island Snug Cafe

Time stands still when relaxing in the AM at Snug Coffee House

 Bowen Island Antique Shop

After coffee a Snug, head up to the village to browse the boutique shops

Bowen Island Tech Shop

Even the tech shop on Bowen Island has character

Bowen Island Candy Shop

Be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth at this cute candy shop

Bowen Island Candy in the Cove Mural

Follow the mural to the Bowen Island Candy in the Cove Candy Store

 Bowen Island Roasting Company

After shopping, head to Bowen Island Roasting Company and tell the owner you want an espreso with coconut in it - he'll take care of you!

Bowen Island Roasting Company

Expect welcome company at any moment when relaxing with an Island Mocha

Bowen Island Kayak Rentals

There are many activities to choose from on Bowen Island - biking, boating, hiking, swimming, kayaking...

 Bowen Island Sandy Beach

There's no sand on Sandy Beach so skip the beach towel and just enjoy the walk instead

Artisan Square Trail on Bowen Island

Take a sort walk from Snug Cove up to Artisan Square

Chocolate Cafe at Artisan Square Bowen Island

Got a sweet tooth while at Artisan Square? This is the place to satisfy it.

Artisan Square Lookout

The view from Artisan Square is the best on Bowen Island

Artisan Eats Cafe & Bakery

Artisan Square's Artisan Eats Cafe & Bakery has character, so stop in for a visit

Artisan Eats Cafe & Bakery

Grab a pastry, panini, or grilled cheese at Artisan Eats Cafe & Bakery 

Bowen Island Marina

Wind down the late afternoon dockside at Bowen Island

Bowen Island Docks

Walk down the Bowen Island docks and explore the sites

Bowen Island Taco Stand

Fuel up with some Bowen Island Tacos (and ice cream!)

Bowen Island Taco Stand Cookies

Snack on some Mexican Wedding Cookies at the Bowen Island Taco stand

Bowen Island Shave Ice Truck

A Hawaiian Style Shave Ice Truck (Airstream actually) on Bowen Island? Sold.

Bowen Island Shave Ice Truck

It actually IS Hawaiian Style Shave Ice. This is a SMALL! Order the Coconut/Pineapple/RedVelvet - as good as Aoki's (Oahu)

Bowen Island Soylent Green Shave Ice

But stop by early at Soylent Green's Airstream because the Shave Ice sells out fast

Miksa Bowen Island

Save room for a Corona on the patio at Miksa

Miksa Bowen Island

If you have only one sandwich on Bowen Island, the Big Moe (Peanut Butter, Cheese Curds, Banana, and Apple Smoked Bacon on Sourdough) from Miksa is it.

Bowen Island Welcome Sign

Thanks Bowen Island. We WILL be back soon! Aloha

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Description : ABOUT Steveston Fishing Village… view more

YAH Says : Steveston Fishing Village Richmond… view more

Steveston Fishing Village Richmond BC

Without significant traffic you can reach the Steveston Village waterfront within 30 minutes of leaving downtown Vancouver. On a sunny day you would be wise to do so. The village itself is almost a mystery, a complete 180 degree departure from the main district of Richmond which isn't really worth the pit stop so keep driving down No. 1 Road until you see the sea and smell the salt in the air. Of course there are other telltale signs that you've arrived in a land that time forgot. The township is dotted by heritage styled boutique storefronts, nautical accents, rustic coffee shops, and a slow pace that defies the town clock at the end of the very strip that brings visitors to a halt.

The weekends are filled with farmers markets, artisan crafts, classic car show n' shines, festivals, whale watching tours, and fresh seafood arriving from returning fishing vessels reminding all that such a thing is still a profession. The amount of dining options per capita in Steveston Village doesn't just border on excess it laughs in its face. However don't dare pay a visit without sampling fish n' chips (especially PAJOS) from the best strip of real estate to serve it in this corner of the Pacific North-Northwest. Oh, and don't forget to following your nose into Romania Country bakery for a loaf of their one of a kind bread. Fresh fish and even fresher loaves - Jesus himself never had it this good.

If you're anywhere in Greater Vancouver and the forecast is for blue skies and plenty of time for leisure then take at least 6 hours out of your day and spend it in the welcoming coastal arms of Steveston Village.

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Description : ABOUT Point Roberts Washington… view more

YAH Says : Point Roberts Washington Pending view more
Point Roberts Washington Pending

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Description : ABOUT From Park Website… view more

YAH Says : Lynn Canyon Park is… view more

Lynn Canyon Park is but a quick jaunt across the ocean channel and a few minutes drive from Downtown Vancouver but feels as if it's a world away. How's that cliche? Dispensing with the standard descriptions and adjectives describing a lush green forest, crisp air, chirping birds and frolicking squirrels that crisscross the trails, Lynn Canyon offers more for those that need more than a pleasant hike through yet another forest that Greater Vancouver is blessed to be surrounded by.


For starters, a warm sunny day, preferably in the summer, is the perfect time to plan this excursion. As usual, pack provisions (water, snacks, etc...) and if going solo let loved ones know so. There is a surprisingly large cafe at the entrance to the park that serves up lattes, pastries, sandwiches, gelato and more to satisfy any breakfast, lunch and dinner hunger pang felt at the beginning and/or end of the journey. There is an Eco-center and gift shop as well should you need to poke around indoors some more.


The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is considered the main attraction of the park. Unlike the arrogant Capilano Suspension Bridge you don't have to pay an inflated toll to pass over this hanging (and sometimes swaying) wire rope and plank engineered walkway. Hang on tight and peer over the edge (it's hard not to anyways) at the 160 foot drop below for some vertigo inducing good fun. Companions with acrophobia are constantly harassed when they brave these elements by mischievous mates acting like primates, jumping up and down to further provoke their apprehensions. Before you know it you're across this relatively tame bridge and an the other side where the action really begins.


If time is limited opt for the direction of Twin Falls (vs Rice Lake) at the split path and hike until a descent begins and you hear the sound of rushing water empty with force into a pool below. Through the trees you'll be able to make out a serene scene at the base, a small beach of rocks and pebbles and crystal clear green water. Veer off the path and prepare for a bit of a downhill climb and let the utopia unfold before your eyes. This is one fantastic vision. Twin Falls creates a pool and running river shallow enough to wade in and explore both sides of the gully where a combination of rainforest growth and raspberry bushes provide further sanctuary to those that make the worth while trek. This is a place that books (to read while leaning against a rock) and cameras (to capture everything) were made for. You could throw bathing suits into that mix but be warned, the water here is ice cold 365 days of the year due to the fact that Twin Falls is run-off from the snow peaks that form during the fall and winter months. A few brave souls venture in to sounds of breath-catching shrieks but if you can handle the elements it certainly makes for a refreshing swim. You could fill up a bottle and drink this aqua but do so upstream before the visiting kiddies get a chance to make warm spots in the pool. Cliff jumping is discouraged but as with any attraction such as this it does occur and if you are lucky enough to be there when a reckless few make the leap you can snap some death defying (hopefully) feats perfect for gallery uploads back at home. Be sure to plan this trip to arrive at high noon so as to take advantage of the sun at it's peak where you can spread out a towel and soak up the rays for hours at this oasis.


There are plenty of interesting hiking trails about Lynn Canyon and if shuffling through foliage is your thing you will have struck gold, but without question Twin Falls is the diamond of the park.


Lynn Canyon

It starts here...

Lynn Canyon

Enjoy the sights on the way...

Lynn Canyon

Look around everywhere...

Lynn Canyon

Stop and take pics of cool stuff

Lynn Canyon

You're getting closer...

Lynn Canyon

Climb down this...

Lynn Canyon

THIS is the reward!

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7. Harbour Air Seaplanes

Address : 4760 Inglis Drive, Vancouver, BC

Phone : (604) 273-0278

Description : About Harbour Air Seaplanes … view more

About Harbour Air Seaplanes  From Management Website


Harbour Air was founded in British Columbia in 1982. With two small Dehavilland Beaver seaplanes and a plan to service the forest industry, we began offering private charters. With growing success the company quickly expanded, adding scheduled flights between Vancouver, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island.


Today, with over 25 years in business and more than 30 aircraft, Harbour Air and Westcoast Air have become the largest all-seaplane company in the world. Services now include frequent flights connecting Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Richmond, Langley, Sechelt, Comox and the Gulf Islands along with a wide selection of scenic adventure tours and private charters.


Discover the high-towering Olympic Mountains, rugged shorelines of Vancouver Island or almost anywhere you want to go in spectacular British Columbia with Harbour Air Seaplanes and Westcoast Air.

YAH Says : view more

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8. Big Bus

Address : 317 Water Street, Vancouver BC

Phone : (604) 299 0700

"Best Way To Do The 'Tourist Impression' In Vancouver"

Description : About  From Owner/Management Website… view more

About  From Owner/Management Website

Ticket packages start at $45

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I hop-on a Big Bus?

You can hop-on at any one of our 22 stops around the city. Check out our map or ask the concierge at your hotel which stop is closest to you. They are all conveniently located downtown and within walking distance of all downtown hotels.

Where can I buy my ticket(s)?

We make it easy to ride with Big Bus.Here are 6 ways you can buy your ticket(s).

1.Right here on bigbus.ca. Simply go to the ‘Buy Now’ page and follow the steps. You can Buy - Print - Go in less than 2 minutes! Free ice cream or fudge with online purchase!
2.At the Big Bus Welcome Centre in Gastown (Stop #1 on the map).
3.The concierge or front desk staff at your hotel.
4.Directly from the driver as you hop on at any Big Bus stop.
5.From a Big Bus sales representative at some of our stops.
6.From various Big Bus retail outlets around the city.

How many free ice creams or fudges do I get with my online ticket purchase?

Each ticket is valid for one treat - your choice of ice cream or fudge. For example, if your online voucher reads 2 adults and 1 child, you will receive 3 delicious treats.

What are Big Bus’ hours of operation?

April 15 - October 15
First Tour Departure - 9:00 am
Last Tour Departure - 5:00 pm
Frequency 20 minutes

Does Big Bus offer a shuttle/pick-up service for guests at hotels?

There is no shuttle service offered, as all of our stops are located within a few blocks of all major hotels downtown. A Big Bus stop is never more than a 10 minute walk away from any hotel downtown.

How long does the tour take?

The tour takes approximately 90 minutes should you choose to stay on the bus. We offer a 2 day pass because most of our guests want to hop-off, experience Vancouver, see attractions and hop back on. This definitely lengthens the tour time.


If it’s only a 90 minute tour then why do I get a 2 day ticket?

The tour would take approximately 90 minutes should you choose to sit on the bus the whole time. We encourage our guests to hop-off and hop-on at any one of the 22 stops to visit attractions, shop and see the city. Two days can easily be spent discovering Vancouver when you’re taking advantage of the hop-on, hop-off flexibility of Big Bus.


Where can I see the route?

On the map, the route is highlighted in blue and the stops are numbered in sequential order. The tour starts and ends in Gastown.


Where can I park?

The ‘P’s on the bigbus.ca map indicate public parking facilities. Click on each ‘P’ for detailed information about that parking facility, then take your pick. We recommend the parking lot at Stop #1 in Gastown. It's secure, clean, convenient and reasonably priced at $6.00 for all day parking on weekends and holidays and $9.00 at all other times.


Does my 2 day ticket need to be used on consecutive days?

Your 2 day boarding pass does not need to be used on 2 consecutive days. It can be used within 2 weeks of the first day's usage. Just tell our driver when you plan to return and he/she will make a note on your boarding pass.

YAH Says : Big Bus Everyone in… view more

Big Bus

Everyone in Vancouver knows the "Big Bus" or the "Big Red Bus". Locals snicker as the bus passes by packed with tourists taking pictures of things that they (locals) see everyday as being as common as a stop sign. But that's part of the fun in being a tourist, finding intrigue in the simplest of things simply because you don't see the same in your home town.

The Big Bus is a great way to see all that is Vancouver, albeit at a price higher ($45+) than many of the other mobile tours found throughout North American cities you may have journeyed on. But given that you budget for things such as this, the price shouldn't be a big deal.

The Big Bus is also recommended by YAHglobal.Com as being the number one way for locals to become tourists in their own city (Vancouver), so if your phone number starts with a #604 or #778, plan an afternoon (preferably a sunny one) on the Big Bus. Be sure to bring the largest fold out map you can find, the goofiest looking camera you can get your hands on, and have some fun with it!

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9. Prospect Point

Address : Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC

Phone : (604) 669 2737

Description : ABOUT  From Property Website  … view more

ABOUT  From Property Website


Boasting the most spectacular views of the North Shore Mountains, the Lions Gate Bridge and the Burrard Inlet, The Prospect Point Lookout in Stanley Park is a Vancouver Tradition and a must visit landmark destination for locals and visitors alike. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama lookout at the highest point in Stanley Park. Visit our full service restaurant and bar (the Prospect Point Cafe), one of our many take-out concessions, and our Stanley Park Gift Shop, where you will find the park’s largest selection of official 2010 Olympic merchandise. No visit to Prospect Point is complete without our world famous ice cream cone - hand scooped or soft serve.

YAH Says : It's a nice lookout… view more

Prospect Point Stanley Park

It's a nice lookout point for people that are into that sort of thing

Prospect Point Stanley Park Ice Cream

"World Famous Ice Cream"? For what, stealing children's ice cream allowance? $5 for this tiny cone and the selection was sad. Save your ice cream craving for nearby Marble Slab.

Prospect Point Stanley Park Poutine

At least the poutine was good. Very good. Better be for $10 a cup.

Prospect Point Stanley Park

Bye bye Prospect Point. We'll leave you to the tour bus tourists.

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10. Stanley Park

Address : 714 Pipeline Rd, Vancouver BC

Phone : (604) 602-3088

Description : No park management description… view more

No park management description provided. See review below.

YAH Says : Stanley Park is the… view more

Stanley Park is the Central Park of Vancouver. Or perhaps Central Park is the Stanley Park of New York? It all depends on your perspective we suppose, but one thing is true, Stanley Park is the most visited attraction in all of Greater Vancouver if not the Province of B.C.. The park is Canada's version of a rainforest, with lush greenery everywhere and tree stumps you can imagine building a home within. You are pretty much guaranteed to see raccoons and squirrels everywhere along the pathways, so come prepared with lots of crackers to pay the toll to these true inhabitants of the forest. One of the key points of interest is Lost Lagoon where you will want to pull out the camera on multiple occassions to capture images of the glassy water surface where, depending on the season, ducks, geese and large white swans pass back and forth as if they were the pride of the pageant (they are).

The outside of Stanley Park is paved with the popular jogging, walking and biking site, the Vancouver Sea Wall, that overlooks the multiple beaches and marine passages of Greater Vancouver. Stanley Park is also home to the Vancouver Aquarium, various restaurants, tennis courts and an outdoor concert venue.

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