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Best BBQ Dining In Dallas

In addition to Tex-Mex, Dallas dining is all about BBQ, so you can imagine the choices available to you when visiting the third largest city in the state that put this backyard cuisine on the map. It was extremely challenging narrowing down the candidates for this mouth watering list and we took into consideration the all important factors when discussing authentic southern BBQ: the brisket, the chicken, the "off the bone" selection, the sauces, the side dishes, the process, and of course the absense of any frills and gimmicks overshadowing what you came here for in the first place.

Bon Appetit BBQ Fanatics!


Mike Anderson's BBQ
5410 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX

Mike Anderson's is a bare (yet well barbecued) bones establishment that takes the words “from scratch” to heart. They make/create their own everything. All sauces, rubs, dressings are made by hand in the kitchen and they smoke their own meats, cook meat into their beans, mash their own potatoes and bake their own desserts. In operation since 1981, they have no plans of turning into a franchise, chain, or even to open a brother/sister shop somewhere else down the road like pretty much every other BBQ shack turned into an excuse to sell t-shirts. Mike's version of expansion to meet the demands of lunch time crowds was to open “Mike's Big Deck”, a large patio out front to accommodate the their growing popularity while serving BBQ in the manner it was supposed to be served - in the great outdoors. Don't worry, they have heaters for those rare cold winter days in Dallas. In another fantastic addition to a philosophy keeping it simple and all about time with the family, Mike Anderson's closes it's doors everyday at 2:30PM and opts for fishing over running a business on Sundays. You know that if a place can maintain success for so many years by only serving BBQ lunch that something very special must be going on from the kitchen to your plate.

Mike's BBQ "Dinner" Plates ($12) are extremely well priced considering the portions and the fact that you get a combination of 3 meats including a side of Texas Toast and 2 side orders. Our meat combo recommendation includes a BBQ plate of beef brisket, hot links, and pork ribs with a side order of Garlic & Cheddar Smashed Taters ($2.75). If you're not in the mood for a hefty pile of meat on your plate, then we suggest one of Mike's baked potato selections, specifically the Monster BBQ Baked Potato ($10 Stuffed with Butter,Sour Cream, Cheddar,Bacon, Green Onion & Any Boneless Meat) and if for some odd reason you have room for dessert be sure to take on the Bourbon Pecan Pie ($3.50) or Dee's Banana Pudding ($2.75) for something somewhat lighter.

Mike Anderson's BBQ is everything that a Texas BBQ joint should be – no frills, no gimmicks, and no franchise - just big ol' portions of down south, rubbed, perfectly grilled, sauce dripping, lip smacking plates of meaty heaven.


Bone Daddy's House Of Smoke
8856 Spring Valley Rd, Dallas, TX

Depending on how you look at it, Bone Daddy's gets a bad rap for frequently being called the Hooter's of BBQ. Yes, they are known for their staff aesthetics and there are certain requirements made evident in their hiring, which can actual turn off as many people as it does turn on. However, one very important factor should not be overlooked here – the food. Bone Daddy's House of Smoke is first and foremost a BBQ based eatery with meats that are rubbed and slopped with sauce and pit smoked to near perfection. We will not be inserting any puns about Bone Daddy's here folks. It's too obvious at this point, so again, let's get back to the food.

For starters order Barky's Stuffed Jalapenos ($7 stuffed w/smokey chicken & cheese) and follow up by choosing your House Platter which includes 1, 2, or 3 meats ($12/15/17). The Juke Joint Sliced Brisket, Sweet Maple Glazed Ham, and Messy Grilled Chicken Wings create the perfect platter combination if  you're packing an appetite, otherwise you can't go wrong with the Beer Can Chicken ($15 marinated whole chicken “violated” with a can of beer w/cheesy spuds, skillet head beans, & a warm cheesy roll - pictured on the above left corner). Seafood lovers should nab the Crispy Shrimp Basket ($14). While we would suggest getting the chocoholic's dream Patty's Cake for dessert, you probably won't be able to manage it after ordering our above selections so go with the Sweetie's Pie ($6 flaky handmade crust stacked with peaches, sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar, and served w/homemade vanilla ice cream) which goes down easier after this hearty meal (and visual for some) experience.


Off The Bone Barbeque
1734 S. Lamar St, Dallas, TX

Off The Bone serves what they like to call “Gourmet Barbecue” which at first glance is a term we may have considered an abomination when discussing BBQ, which in its truest nature is all about the backyard or at least a sloppy grilled kitchen. However Off The Bone Barbecue nailed it when coining its menu moniker as the preparation and strict attention to every single detail in regards to the meats, sauces and ingredients provide diners with a BBQ experience unlike any other in Dallas.

Dwight's Classic "Off The Bone" pork ribs, beef brisket, sausage links and smoked chicken (with a side of Honey Spiced Baked Beans) are all renowned in the city where their other menu additions can make a Gourmet Barbecue addict out of you in no time. Their BBQ Brisket Sandwich w/Southern Potato Salad is literally one of the juiciest, mouth watering lunch or light dinner hand held meals in Dallas.


Big Al's Smokehouse

3317 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX


“Big Al’s” is the kind of name you want to hear when selecting a BBQ based restaurant, either that or a Big ‘n’ Tall Store, where you may need to start shopping for clothes if you visit Big Al’s Smokehouse on one too many occasions. It is hard to resist the family recipe concoctions that make this Dallas diner so darn tasty where they’ve been satisfying regulars and newcomers since 1973. They have moved since then, 600 feet to the north (seriously) in fact, so no need to fret if you’ve arrived back in Dallas after a stint elsewhere and have been craving a fix of your favorite BBQ.


Big Al’s menu is packed full of big food and you will be hard pressed to find something that doesn’t satisfy your taste for BBQ. In true down south form they have Po’Boy sandwiches, the Big Al ($6), that comes with two barbecued meats of your choice. Their Big Beef Ribs ($8.99) fall off the bone and dissolve onto your taste buds in time to take a bite of your side order Superstuffed Potato ($6.99 w/choice of chopped or sliced beef, turkey, chicken breast or sausage) or you can go full on no nonsense and order a Meat-By-The-Pound selection of either sliced/chopped beef, sausage, pulled pork, turkey, or chicken breast ($11.99). Finish it all of with some Banana Cake ($2.29) and a ice cold long neck domestic beer ($2.29) and you’ve just completed a full blown Texas style BBQ experience.


Sammy's Bar-B-Q
2126 Leonard Street, Dallas, TX


Sammy's BBQ on Leonard Street is yet another family owned and operated joint with a great reputation for well priced piles of BBQ meat plates and side dishes, especially Aunt Glenda's Potato Casserole ($2.75 single serving). The menu reads about the same as the above listed establishments with respect to the basics (brisket, hot links, etc...) so no need to repeat but rest assured that Sammy's falls on this list for good reason. This place is a favorite among locals and often touted as a "must visit" for those trekking through on their own personal tour of Dallas Texas BBQ hot spots.