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Crooked Tree Coffee House

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We are a Dallas neighborhood coffeehouse with a living room feel.  We believe there is a way to do coffee right, and we strive to do that in all areas possible.  We are intentional about selling coffee responsibly, by focusing on Fair Trade, Direct Trade and Organic coffees, teas and chocolates.  Our exceptional coffee comes from local roaster Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters and a company called Buy Well in Colorado Springs  www.buywell.org.  Our vegan pastries come from a local baker Tough Cookie Baking Co., including cinnamon rolls, muffins and cookies.  And, if you haven’t tried our scones, they are life changing.  We also sell sandwiches, ice cream and smoothies.  We support our local artist community by rotating art from different artists in the area and providing a venue for musicians to play their music, typically on Friday and Saturday nights.  Check our Events page for details.  Our super friendly staff of baristas are dedicated to making your coffee experience more than an exchange of a product but a personal exchange of life.  We love being an independent coffeehouse and providing an atmosphere that can’t (and won’t!) be replicated.  Welcome to Crooked Tree Coffeehouse!

Store Hours
Mon — Thu 6AM — 11PM
Friday 6AM — 12AM
Saturday 7AM — 11PM

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