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Where To Find Real Deep-Dish Chicago Style Pizza In Chicago!


Lou Malnati's

River North Location, 439 North Wells Street, Chicago, IL

Lincoln Park Location, 958 W. Wrightwood (at Sheffield & Lincoln), Chicago, IL

Bucktown / Wicker Park Location, 1520 North Damen Avenue, Chicago


The family name “Lou Manalti” is synonymous with Chicago style deep dish pizza. Lou worked in the industry from the late 40's and opened his own establishment with wife Jean in 1971 in the Lincolnwood suburb of Chicago. Lou gained a loyal following with his friendly demeanor and of course amazing pizza that defined the term “pie” over “slice”. You could almost dip your finger up to your knuckle in this cheese and tomato sauce creation, if it weren't for the gloriously comforting heat emanating from within. One of the “secrets” to the success of Lou Malnati's Deep Dish is that he incorporated the use a thin, flaky crust, which is hand patted and raised on the edges and coated with mozzarella to contain the additional ingredients of choice. The proof, is in the pie.


Word of mouth catapulted Lou Malnati's to  multiple chain status with 31 (and growing) pizzerias in the area, so finding a location in Chicago is thankfully easy. We listed three convenient locations within Chicago to take the guess work out for those in immediate need of deep dish satisfaction without a moment to waste.


Pizzeria Uno
29 E Ohio St (between State St & Wabash Ave) , Chicago, IL


Everyone living in or visiting Chicago knows Uno Chicago Grill but not all locations are created equal, franchise or not. Many pizza purists are skeptical of the franchise which they consider to be a watered down version of the original Pizzeria Uno, established in 1943 by Ike Sewell. While this may simply be a aficionado bias (ALL Uno Chicago Grill's serve a great deep dish pizza), there is certainly something that is lost when a quaint mom & pop type location becomes an LED backlit commercialized logo found on every major corner of a city. Thus, YAHglobal.Com recommends that you can't go wrong by visiting the original “Uno” location at 29 E Ohio Street between State Street and Wabash Avenue for an authentic deep dish pizzeria experience.


Giordano's Pizza
730 North Rush Street, Chicago, IL


If you saw only in black & white tones you would think that you were looking upon a massive slab of cheesecake when staring at a Giordano's Deep Dish. Their pizza is a towering disc of delectable Italian flavor with cheese that refuses to let go of the pan when you attempt to part a slice from its base up towards your awaiting mouth. It looks like a Niagara Falls of mozzarella pouring over the edge. OK, enough of the adjectives, similes and metaphors, you get the point.


Giordano's is one franchise that has maintained it's innocence since inception in 1974 with a recipe borrowed from owner's, the Boglio brothers, own mother in Torino, Italy who most likely got the recipe from her great great great grandmother. This is the kind of story you want to hear when selecting a pizza parlor. Of course alterations had been made over time as not everyone consumes as much garlic in North America as they do in the old country and Giordano's has always kept a keen eye to the competition to make sure that they are always aware and accommodating to their customer's pizza needs. 


With 55 locations throughout Illinois and Florida you won't have to travel far, unless you're not in Illinois or Florida, to find a Giordano's. If you are not conveniently located, then Giordano's would be happy to ship a pizza to you with complete heating instructions for a shipping fee and ultimate result well worth the effort.


Nancy's Home Stuffed Pizza

2930 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL


In a business where store front signs read names like “Lou's”, “Ray's”, “Sal's” and so forth, we finally have a renowned pizzeria named after the fairer sex. Wife and husband, Nancy and Rocco Palese, not only have names perfect for the business, they came packing a recipe for deep dish pizza that upon opening in 1971, solidified their position among the best pizzerias in Chicago if not all of North America. Local magazines and periodicals have heralded their menu for decades so often that one bite into their pizza incites black & white images of swirling newspaper headlines reading “Best Pizza In Chicago!”. Although they have dozens of locations in the area, we recommend visiting the original location at 2930 North Broadway Street for a true authentic experience.