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Race Car Enthusiast Heaven! - NASCAR Hall Of Fame

Fast and flashy cars are a guilty pleasure for boys, girls, men and women alike these days and the drivers that brave the metal carnage that comes along with racing superior automotive machinery in the search for glory have quickly become icons in the world of motor sports. Even novice observers and those that not bothering to look twice when a race is on the tube are immediately converted to fans upon attending their first NASCAR event, so trust us when we tell you that visiting the NASCAR Hall of Fame if worth the price of admission when in Charlotte.


NASCAR Hall of Fame

400 East Martin Luther King Blvd, Charlotte, NC


With over 50 exhibits, 31 cars, and nearly 1000 artifacts on this four floored site there is something to fascinate everyone. Never has a Tire Change Station become so appealing when you witness the speed and precision that it takes to change a tire fast enough to get a driver back in the race before a lap has passed. You'll wish you had your own pit crew tucked into the trunk of your own car when taking the family on a road trip. The Racing Simulators (actual and qualifying) are a favorite of pretty much anyone attending the Hall and the Kobalt Kid Zone was made for the kids and the kids inside of us all. We dare you to watch a child partake in the interative Call A Race and not want to get in on the action yourself. History buffs will be thrilled to learn that not only does the NASCAR Hall of Fame account for all of the major events and drivers since its inception in 1947, the facility is also home to interesting artifacts and worthy tales from decades before leaving visitors with anecdotes to share for years to come. Hear legends tell stories of moonshine running at Junior Johnson's Moonshine Still and poke your head in the windows of 18 historic cars of Sunoco Glory Road.


Without question the NASCAR Hall of Fame is for far more than just the gearheads (and may turn you into one) and will have you running laps around this 150,000 square foot exhibition center in an effort to soak it all in before the doors close at the day's end.