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Whether you love it, hate it OR secretly love it, secretly hate it OR if it's even on the air when this list reaches you OR if you are completely oblivious to the whole show, one thing is for certain - the film location of The CW Network's teen powerhouse One Tree Hill is well worth the 2 hour drive from Charlotte to a charming little town called Wilmington. Fans of the show will be beyond elated to see their favorite spots where the likes of Lucas and Peyton shared one of their many kisses (or spats), where Dan Scott plotted his schemes or to shoot hoops at the famed Rivercourt where Nathan pondered the turmoils of his adolescence. For the rest, Wilmington provides for the perfect North Carolina vacation setting complete with quintessentially quaint accommodations, dining, shopping, and inspiring scenery to soothe the senses.

Extra Note: NBA great Michael Jordon grew up and started his highschool basketball career in Wilmington, NC. MJ fans will find plenty to admire in this town as well. 


Wilmington "One Tree Hill" North Carolina


The Rivercourt: The Rivercourt is the most iconic location of One Tree Hill as well as the most recognized. Fellow fans will be green with envy to see you standing in the place where it all began and where the tales of OTH continue to develop. The Rivercourt is located at 1 Battleship Road across the river from downtown Wilmington's riverfront area, beside the USS North Carolina Battleship.


                                      River Court photo courtesy of WilmingtonDowntown.Com


6th Street Bridge: This is the bridge found in the opening scene and a great place to take a photo of yourself walking off into the sunset while seemingly pondering your life. It is located just past Red Cross Street on North 6th & Hanover Street.


Lucas's childhood home: 1829 Wrightsville Avenue. Don't go a knockin', but take photos from across the street if you like (within reasonable hours of the day).


Brooke's childhood home: 2314 Tattersalls Drive. Spoiled little rich girl turned woman with a big heart turned Clothes Over Bro's owner with a life full of complications, this house was the site of many a OTH parties and front lawn drama.


Dan & Deb's House: Troubled Nathan braved his adolescence within these walls. The home is a private residence and located on the left of Country Club Road.


The Scott Beachhouse: The Scott family beachhouse is located on Pleasure Island at Carolina Beach, on the main road. It is also a private residence but the surroundings make for the perfect day at the page. Stay and enjoy your own fun.


Dan Scott Motors: Located on Market Street.


Keith Scott's Body Shop: Ill fated Keith Scott's place of business is in full operation under the name Performance Imports. The poor guys have to deal with an influx of pre-teens visitors all the time so be cordial and they'll let you take plenty of photos as long as you don't get in the way (knocking over oil cans is NOT cool). Located at 19 Covil Avenue, off Market Street behind the car dealership.


Karen's Cafe: Port City Java in Wilmington served as the site to Karen's Cafe but has since moved to the corner of Front & Grace Streets. The original location is found at 300 N. Front Street, standing as Karen's Cafe where an appreciation notice by the WB Network hangs on the “prop” front door.


TRIC Nightclub: Located on the corner of Front St. & Marsteller St.


Tree Hill High: The exterior of the location is in fact Cape Fear Community College which means you can actually browse the campus without getting tossed by school security (as with most high schools). Cape Fear Community College is located on the corner of Red Cross & 2nd Streets.


The Riverwalk: This location is actually called "The Riverfront" Cape Fear River and is found fronting the Federal Courthouse along Water Street.


Clothes Over Bro's retail store: 272 North Front Street


An official ONE TREE HILL TOUR is available at Wilmington's own Screen Gems Studios at 1223 North 23rd Street. Reservations can be made by contacting (910) 343-3433 OR by email at