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2. Fu's Custom Tattoo

Address : 3200 North Davidson Street, Charlotte, NC

Phone : (704) 376-4556

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About Fu's Custom Tattoo  From Management Website


 It’s pronounced “foo”. And it’s NOT an acronym for “F***You”.


As for what it means? Let’s just say that sometimes the mysterious, inner workings of the universe have a compelling and enigmatic charm – precisely because they are just that: enigmas.


The mysteries of the universe not withstanding:

• Fu’s Custom Tattoos is located in NoDa in Charlotte, North Carolina
• We can take care of all your tattooing needs
• We’re open 7 days-a-week
• Walk-ins welcome; appointments preferred – swing by for a quick consultation
• Custom work is our specialty and first love
• We have a vast collection of flash designs to choose from if you prefer
• Our studio – while a clean and friendly environment – is not a place for children

Now go forth and enjoy our website. We know you’ll like our art because, no bullshit – we put our hearts and souls into everything we do.

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