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Christmastown. This ain't no gimmick. Christmastown aka McAdenville before November 30th and after Jan 1st of every passing year since 1956 is a town that sugar plum dreams are made of. It's a magical North Carolina town where your car stalls on the outskirts en route to Charlotte. You make your way to town to find a mechanic only to be informed by a pleasant elderly couple that the shops shut down at 5PM but they have room at their B&B for the night so you and your family can rest until dawn. Snow unexpectedly falls even though the forecast called for dry skies. Any petty family grievances you may have had are resolved when you help the town's residents find the lost baby Jesus centerpiece that mysteriously disappeared the night before the tree and manger scene go up in city square. Egg nog is shared, the scent of sugar cookies wafts through the air, and silent night is hummed as the soundtrack through the whole affair.

Christmastown is a straight to DVD holiday movie experience and we can hardly think of a better way and place to spend a family Christmas short of the North Pole.

Note: Personal experiences may vary. While there will be charming townsfolk, lights, carols, and sugary goodies, YAHglobal cannot confirm or deny the existence of a missing baby Jesus lost and found experience.

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