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Best Beach Town Near Charleston


South Carolina is as much a beach state as California or Florida, without the ridiculous crowding and inundation of retail and entertainment side shows. One can find total seclusion on a long stretch of sand along this coastal region and don't forget that this coast is where the sun rises, which means getting up early in the morning in order to witness what those on the west never get to experience at home. The state's ocean side is lined with plenty of water color painting inspiring scenes, complete with the weathered and perfectly broken down picket fences, mini sand dunes, long green blades of sand grass and seagulls serving the soundtrack to one amazing day after the next.


Folly Beach 


Folly Beach, known as the “Edge of America” to locals and souvenir t-shirt sellers, is only 15 minutes from downtown Charleston but even with all of Charleston's quiet charm, Folly Beach takes “laid back” to a whole other level. The Morris Island Lighthouse majestically watches over the town and the Fishing Pier, stretching out over 1,000 feet into the deep Atlantic is popular for more than those there to cast a line, receiving plenty of foot traffic hoping to catch a glimpse of sealife (dolphins!) from the peak of the pier, take photos, or to simply soak up the soothing Carolina breeze. The white sand beach is no slouch so sink your footprints in. During the right season you can witness (from a respectful distance) loggerhead sea turtles preparing to nest and a well timed look up may treat you to a vision of bald eagles soaring the skies.


In addition to the hard to beat scenery, the beach activities are abundant, with everything from surfing to kayaking to combing the beach for shells and other interesting things of nature that wash ashore. Across the way opens up even more for visitors as gift shops, galleries, theater, and eateries that serve some of the best seafood in the state are at your beckon call. All that's left is a place to stay if the 15 minute trek from Charleston is too far (even just 15 minutes from coastal paradise can feel laborious) . Vintage beach cottages that Hollywood romance films mimic time and time again are available for rental as are more sleek modern homes, boutique hotels, B & B's, and affordable (off season) inns. Our recommendation for accommodation at Folly Beach is the beautiful family owned and operated Water's Edge Inn, a magnificent property that perfectly conveys everything that Folly Beach is about.