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Best Place To See An Albino Alligator


South Carolina Aquarium

100 Aquarium Wharf, Charleston, SC



You won't get too many opportunities like this. An albino alligator - or for that matter any albino animal in the wild - has a limited survival rate to say the least. For the gator, it's about 24hrs due to the fact that predators can spot them from a mile away. Thus, South Carolina's recent acquisition has everyone buzzing and made this inhabitant their most famous to date, drawing in visitors from all over the U.S.. Special low-UV lights and a diet heavy on Vitamin D ensure a longer life for this razor sharp toothed attraction and he (or she?) is up for adoption should visitors want to partake in the worthy program that allows your financial contribution to go towards the care and treatment of specified animals within the aquarium.


This severely attention getting alligator can be found in the Coastal Plain exhibit where Wetland habitats complete with light & sound special effects mimic the natural South Carolina surroundings of the predatory gators, sharks, snakes and even Venus Fly Traps that make up the “gallery”. Less threatening but just as cool creatures found in the very same exhibit include lovable Loggerhead Sea Turtles, a green Moray Eel, an Octopus, and the always depressed looking (you'll see) Lookdown Fish in addition to a multitude of others that conjure images of the exotic seas which only adds to the thrill of finding out that such things can exist in your own backyard, or swimming pool for that matter.


Be sure to venture on over to the other exciting exhibits and family friendly attractions such as Toddler Cove and the 4D Theater and end the experience off with a stop at the gift shop to pick up the not-surprisingly most popular item - a 19 inch plush rendition of the albino alligator - whose bite is far more cuddly than the real thing, and grab a snack at the Sea Turtle Cafe.


The South Carolina Aquarium is the best, and safest, way to experience the aqua based terrain of this mysterious southern coastal state.