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Top 5 Photo Opportunities In Cancun


It almost seems pointless to create this list for most coastal towns in Mexico since pretty much any corner, nook and cranny will make for an amazing photo album cover. In fact, we could just recommend that you step outside of your hotel, put on a blind fold, spin around multiple times, stop and walk (have someone watch traffic for you) forward 100 paces, lift camera and take a picture. Repeat that process 5 times and you will have a Top 5 Photo Opportunity List similar to that found on most travel sites. However, this is YAHglobal.Com and we pride ourselves in being a little more creative than the rest. So for that reason and the fact that many of you like to have an itinerary to follow, we have provided a list of Photo Opportunities for the Mexican city of your choice. Some provide breathtaking scenery, and some may just be plain silly (depending on which city page you are viewing). That's what vacations are all about! 


Sea Shell Fountain


The "seashell fountain" is found at the main roundabout of downtown Cancun on the corner of Tulum Avenue & Kukulcan Avenue. Although it's located in front of an Office Depot, it's one of the coolest person made structures in the Cancun Hotel Zone. Basically an array of gigantic seashells and starfish gather around a fountain and welcome the passing public to ocean paradise. Gigantic seems to be the theme of photographic attractions in Cancun as you will see when moving down this list. If something is interesting, the consensus is to make it BIG in hopes that it will draw a crowd. You have to love the simplicity of our species; big shiny objects = big crowds = big crowds spending money = everyones happy.  Plus we get something to write about. Thanks everyone!


Hard Rock Cafe Guitar


The Hard Rock Cafe has become quite the staple in many tourist cities throughout the world, and thus the subject of many photographic memories. The Cancun location is of no exception. The cemented "This Is Not Here" sign out front is a great place to start, although contrary to our whole brand and concept ("You Are Here"...get it?) so we can't justify putting THAT as a primary list item. Instead, we recommend you follow the lead of fellow visitors and take a pic in front of the massive guitar out front. This thing is so big that we suggest contorting your body into a triangle and wiggle around a bit, you know, like a guitar pick. Cool right?


Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville - Giant Chair


Outside of being a dining and nightlife destination point, Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville has become quite the tourist attracion in itself. The Giant Chair, fashioned in a manner that you would find on the patio of some beach front property in well, Mexico, was created in exaggerated proportions for your enjoyment. Either sit solo and do your best 2yr old toddler impression while sipping on a margarita in lieu of a baby bottle, or make a party of it and cram as many of your friends as possible on board. 


Cookie Monster @ Plaza La Isla Mall


Ok, so Cookie Monster doesn't exactly scream "I'm in Cancun, Mexico!" and casual observers of your album will spy this photo and assume that you were at some mid-west U.S.A. Sesame Street theme park, or simply standing store front at a random shopping mall pastry shop. But the thing is, in a half hour spent sitting nearby this attraction, we hardly saw one tourist NOT stop when passing by our big blue friend. Cameras came out instantaneously as grown men, women and children alike gave him a big afffectionate hug and smiled "cheese" (should have been "cookie!").


Cookie Monster can be found (don't you love the way that sounds?) in the middle of the Plaza La Isla shopping mall located within the Cancun Hotel Zone, so its convenient to check this one off your list.




Perched on the powdered white sand of the world famous Cancun coastline and overlooking an ocean colored in a combination of blue hues that create a scene that has been described over and over being "beyond description", or tagged with the phrase "words cannot describe", so why should we at YAHglobal.Com bother in vain at a collection of synonyms and metaphors in an attempt to capture it here? Instead, we suggest you simply check it our for yourselves and try to nail down your own desciption, and then you can judge us for our "failure" to do so. Jerk.  ;)