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Best Place To Hook Up With An Oil Tycoon In Calgary


Excuse the misleading title, but we're not referring to an oil tycoon per se, but an oil engineer, whom are much more attainable and have as much potential as a worthy mate, albeit at a lower salary. Oil is big business in Calgary Alberta and these individuals just may hold the future of the province in their hands. That kind of responsibility creates an aura of appeal for many and thus the "hunt" is on amidst the social checkerboard of Calgary.

Within close proximity to oil based energy companies such as Halliburtin Group, these watering holes tend to attract oil industry execs and engineers after work or in the late night hours of the weekend. So if you have a penchant or full on fetish for oil industry officers (of both sexes), these southwest Calgary haunts are your best bet for making a connection.


The Roadhouse
840 9 Avenue Southwest, Calgary


The Roadhouse is one of the most popular nightclubs in Calgary for a good reason. This 8500 square foot venue includes 5 separate bars and the exterior accommodates 2 full parking lots and its own taxi lane making it one of the most hassle free clubs in town and attractive to hard working people who want to unwind without worry during their free time. The 10 TV's and 2 big screens the sports minded especially when the Calgary Flames are in season. The Roadhouse was built for every of age Calgary resident in mind and is thus the number one best bet for meeting your very own J.R. (or Jane) Ewing (old school Dallas reference for you young ones...Google it!).


The Whiskey Nightclub
341 10 Avenue Southwest, Calgary


Although the name incites images of a rough wooden exterior, The Whiskey Nightclub is actually a pretty classy looking joint with 20,000 square feet with an unrivaled lighting and sound system. The cities most chic Private Room with a balcony view of the main area brings in the Scarfaces of the oil industry as they enjoy a personal party complete with their own bar and bartender.


James Joyce Authentic Irish Pub
114 8th Avenue Southwest, Calgary


There's nothing like a good ol' Irish pub to let your guard down and leave the office where it belongs, at the office. James Joyce is one of those cozy dark wooden decor establishments that takes its Guinness pouring very seriously, to the benefit of its patrons. The atmosphere welcomes first time introductions and is more intimate than the more hoopla inducing venues above and allows for deeper conversation and "getting to know you better" scenarios beyond the usual dance floor make out sessions. During after work rush hour at James Joyce, keep your pupils peeled for those with loosened ties and eyes glued to CNN reports on the day's commodity trades and you just may nab that oil engineer your looking for.