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Alternative Travel Guide

June 09, 2013

Alternative Travel Guide

It's been awhile since I've chimed into the blog section of YAHglobal. I've been on the road and up in the air updating content for our alternative travel guide. That's right - alternative.  From here on in that's the persona you can expect from YAHglobal. We're done with trying to keep up with the Joneses of online travel guides. Two years ago we mistakenly attempted to be too many things for too many people which ended up stunting our growth in this industry.

So what does "alternative" mean exactly? Don't worry, we're not rebranding to cater solely to travelers that consider skinny jeans functional for anything other than irony (but they're welcome to follow along). Instead we're simply narrowing our focus to feature unique activities, attractions, and foodie favorites throughout North America and the Hawaiian Islands. Our dining recommendations will focus on food trucks, comfort foods, and daring (yet delicious!) culinary treats with regional flare. The only "all-inlcusive" statements about our accommodations is that they adhere to a criteria that lends to the culture of the area instead of injecting a generic resort brand stamp where guests cannnot differentiate their property from one city to another. Our nightlife recommendations won't send you anywhere that requires a collared shirt or doorman palm greasing for entry. Our shopping section will gradually fill itself full of local businesses and marketplaces offering distinctive products and services that reflect the personality of the region. Our activity and attraction recommendations will likely send you outside of your comfort zone or at least make you view a destination in a whole new light, literally and figuratively.

Need examples? Cities like Portland or Santa Cruz - quite peculiar yet popular tourist destinations - will play an important part in our mainland presence. Our noticeable bias towards island life will remain as evidenced by our strict attention to continuously updating our Best Tiki Bars in America and Best Hawaiian Shave Ice in the World lists. On that note if you should find yourself on the "American" island chain where we maintain a satellite office we'll send you on a photo safari through the jungle or historic railroad tour before throwing you into the tourist traps of Hanauma Bay or Diamond Head crater. On the flip side we vow to not neglect your favorite mainland metropolises but don't be surprised if we direct your attention to New York retail operations that serve up espresso w/surfboard purchases and divert your taste buds from Manhattan Zagat selections to the Best Donut Shops instead.

Our recommendations will feel completely random at times but never predictable - the way your travels should be. Within the chaos we will establish a consistency so that from here on in YAHglobal will be your trusted alternative travel guide to North America and the Hawaiian Islands. 

Still not sure what to expect? Good, you're on the right track.

Wish You Were Here - Marcus Maraih, Editor, YAHglobal.Com

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