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Save The Tiki

January 10, 2013

Waldorf Hotel Tiki Bar

I was about to release a more spirited blog post about 2013 travel plans today when I caught wind of the unfortunate closing of the historic Waldorf Hotel & Tiki Bar in Vancouver BC. On January 20th, 2013 the iconic hotel is being closed by developers. In about two years or so I expect residents will see condos or some other eye sore in its place - Vancouver is not known for creating architectural aesthetic wonders. If it was it would be easier to swallow this pill in anticipation of an “improved” skyline. I’m no enemy of progress by any means but as most of you, I too believe in protecting important landmarks, especially ones that people still frequent in droves. On any given weekend in Vancouver a line can be found in front of the Walkdorf Hotel, waiting in the rain to get into its toasty warm Tiki Bar to see whichever traveling band has made its way onto the basement stage or to simply sip from coconuts while surrounded by bamboo under the cover of a starlight dotted ceiling. In a nightlife scene full of pretension, the crowd mingling at the Waldorf Hotel Tiki Bar is the most pleasant I’ve come across in the city – the Polynesian décor drips aloha onto anyone that passes through its doors. When I happen to venture into town on my travels I am certain to pay the Waldorf Tiki Bar a visit, even with the overpriced cover charge and drink menu because I am paying for the experience – and that’s priceless.

The Vancouver public is no slouch when it comes to getting in an uproar over such matters and as anticipated a petition to save the Waldorf Hotel is gaining momentum. From my understanding the sale has already gone through (correct me if I’m wrong) so there may be no recourse but if the city deems it a historical landmark there may very well be salvation for what many, including myself, consider to be one of the Best Tiki Bars in America.

Visit the Waldorf Hotel Tiki Bar page and/or follow the link to sign the petition to save the Waldorf Hotel & Tiki Bar

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