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Tis the Season for Beach Cruising

June 16, 2012

 Beach Cruiser - Park and Chill


Summertime is here, bringing lazy days in the sun and the shade. What better way to get to your favorite spot, be it the beach or the outdoor patio of your favorite cafe, than gliding along the gravel on a beach cruiser? Throw in a rolled up rainbow toned towel and a well worn novel with curled up cover edges into the handlebar basket or a surfboard racked like a sidecar companion on a Harley 45" and you've got the perfect recipe for a perfect day.


Beach Cruiser - photo courtesy of Favim.Com

 image courtesy of Favim.Com


The simple act of owning a beach cruiser calls for your whimsical side to come out at any given moment and I can safely declare that this two white walled wheeled travel companion is responsible for more than a few called-in "sick days" and skipped community college classes. It leans against your balcony rail or backyard fence and dares you to ignore it when the suns squeaks past the thinning morning haze or mountain top and whispers in your ear that the report sitting on the office desk or half written term paper saved on your hard drive can wait another day. Like the adorable family dog wagging its tail in anticipation of a walk to the park for a toss of the Frisbee, its lure is irresistible.


An early espresso or pink colored smoothie often accompanies the first leg of the ride. Many become experts of one handed navigation after the local cafe door chimes closed and you grip your take out cup of morning bliss towards your destination. Leers from cars and pedestrians who's eyes may otherwise shoot daggers at Vespas, Mountain bikes and other multi-geared contraptions that zig-zag passed them on road or sidewalk traffic can't help but get doughy eyed at the prospect that they too should be on the very same wanderlust.


The act of beach cruise wayfaring is often best done alone, left to one's own fanciful thoughts, but by no means is the entire act one of solitude. The destination is lined with like minded bodies who's cruisers congregate together locked safely to posts, slanted on palm tree stumps and under the watchful eye of the tribe. It's no competition - old cruisers are cherished for their vintage character and shiny new ones heralded for their efforts to keep the lifestyle relevant. Friendships are formed and first dates are born from the beach cruiser culture. Beach bonfires, ukulele strums, and surf sessions are completed by riders returning to their perch, sand crusted slippers kicking the kick stand, one landing on a pedal and the other pushing off the concrete to gain momentum towards it's home back on the balcony or backyard fence where it lays in wait to tempt you again tomorrow.


Beach Cruiser on display at Huntington Beach

Whatcha waitin' for? Hop on...



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