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Stop Looking and Just Listen for a Moment

May 12, 2012


The ocean is a good start, but there's more...


Hawai'i is the combined chirping purr of island doves and musical potpourri of ukulele, slack key guitar, and the hugging voice of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole whispering from hotels, gift shops, and cafes. Jamaica, contrary to popular assumption, does not sound like Bob Marley. It is a touch more intense with dancehall rhythms and short yet consistent car horn beeps over gravel peppered by moments of complete silence. Seattle is raindrops pitter patting on umbrellas with boat horns from the harbor drowning out the populous passing through the swinging doors of Starbucks on every corner. Southern California slides like a finger across a soundboard, beginning with an irate northern portion of Pacific Coast Highway where blasting convertible car stereos drown out loud blue tooth conversations that eventually mellow with each mile approaching the slopes of Laguna only to ignite again when echoing waves punch the shoreline until settling into chirps of seabirds at La Jolla. Miami is maracas and salsa remixed with uptempo voices in mid conversation unveiling indiscernible, yet attractive, accents. Manhattan is expectedly bustling with rustling shopping bags, briefcases snapping open and shut, espresso orders shouted out, high-heels and hard bottomed loafers tapping the concrete, and ring tones in sporadic symphony announcing plans of some sort.


These are just a few sound bites of places I know. While we primarily use sight transformed to photo galleries to translate our descriptions of a location, don't forget to stop and listen to what the destination tells you as well.


Wish You Were Here - Marcus Maraih, Editor, YAHglobal.Com

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