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Made You Look

March 31, 2012


Snow in Honolulu


Made you look? Well, perhaps some of you were hip to the whole April Fools gig, even if this post is reaching you after the fact. No, Honolulu didn’t experience a snow storm, although the weather there has been a bit wacky over the months. I write this from one of my offices (read: coffee shop) as Earth Hour approaches this side of the planet - one hour away precisely. The lights are off at my residence so I suppose I’m doing my part, even though I will most likely be typing away and posting this at around the same time (consuming energy) and I’m pretty sure the barista will still be pumping out espresso well into the night without interruption. She better be, I need a refill soon.

I wrote about this moment last year as well, noticing that not one light turned off while overlooking a city (a supposedly green city) I was in from the 22nd floor. My plan this time, was to take an elevator to some concrete peak once again and film the potential non-event and blog from a self righteous soap box immediately afterwards about how many talk the talk but don’t walk it. I changed plans and came here instead, opting to emit a little positive energy. That’s allowed during the Hour, right?

Throughout the day my MSN landing page (how do I change that?) has been showing me images and video of cities from all over the world powering down instantly after a New Years Eve-esque countdown and some of the sights and implications were pretty cool. As the altruistic, albeit clichéd, teacher of troubled youth exclaims “If I can save just one, then it was worth it”. So I’ll take that stance here - if we can save just one light bulb, it was worth it.

So while the attached headline of a snow covered Waikiki may have come at a convenient time for an April Fools prank, there is clearly a deeper message here - a Mai Tai just doesn’t taste the same in the cold, nor does a Hot Chocolate in the desert. If we want to preserve our personal paradises, wherever they may be, it’s time to pull out the unattached iPhone charging cords from the wall and trade gas guzzlers for two wheeled beach cruisers - life is better on a beach cruiser. That’s all the soap box action you’ll get from me today.


Wish You Were Here – Marcus Maraih, Editor, YAHglobal.Com

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The Geocache Has Landed

March 24, 2012


Geocache Location


For those of you who have been waiting for another clue on the YAH Yaps! Travel Blog, your time has arrived. However, if you had been following our Twitter, Facebook, and/or Pinterest accounts you may already have been in possession of our first geocache as the first clues dropped on our Social Networks from the moment it was placed. iPhone apps (or Android, we suppose) make the nature of the game much easier than waiting days to return to a wifi enabled cafe, laptop in tow.


First of all, there has been a major change – location. No, we were not attempting to be über tricky in the dying minutes of its placement in an effort to thwart any potential “leaks” as to the whereabouts of the geocache. Instead, Mother Nature swept in and dealt a blow to the original plans, making any efforts to plant the goods in its intended home impossible. 8 foot waves, rip currents, and hail (in 75° weather?) slammed the usually calm waters surrounding the small island, making the necessary swim treacherous to say the least. Throw in the fact that two week’s worth of rain created enough mud on the high slopes of the atoll that any attempt to climb it would have left the remains of the geocache and one YAHglobal editor sprawled out on the sharp volcanic edges of its circumference.


However thrill seekers need not fret as the treasure hunt won’t find you poking through a shopping mall lost & found either. A back-up plan was already in place and our first geocache has found its relatively permanent home - as long as those that discover it play by the rules. The picture you see above, the one that shows a bunker that may or may not be the home of a serial killer, is where it lays. We’ve already had people guess incorrectly as for novice visitors to this island it appears to be a more popular tourist destination. That was our intention. It’s not there. There is a paved hike part of the way, then a small dirt trail, then nothing really to guide you up except for a few rocks, cacti, and uncomfortable terrain. I was able to accomplish the feat in flip flops, but it was a dumb idea.   


  Geocache at home  Looking up from the geocache


That’s all you get for now.


Check in on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for more details.


Wish You Were Here – Marcus Maraih, Editor, YAHglobal.Com       

post by : Editor - YAH Yaps