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YAHglobal's Geocache - Clue #1 is here!

February 29, 2012


Our first official clue to YAHglobal.Com's geocache (launching next week) has arrived! This Google Maps Satellite image is of an island, somewhere. Some of you may recognize it at first glance. Others will be completely oblivious. I'll tell you this much - the island looks a lot harder to get to than it really is. However, once you reach the island, finding the geocache will take a lot of sweat and result in a few shin scrapes. Regardless of whether or not you find the "treasure", the view will be reward enough. Read the original article on geocaching and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Pinterest for daily clues and/or coordinates.


Mokoli'i Island, Oahu


Wish You Were Here - Marcus Maraih, Editor, YAHglobal.Com

post by : Editor - YAH Yaps


Geocaching - Treasure Hunting Without Cashing In

February 19, 2012


One of many discovered geocaches - Ours coming soon!


It's one of those words you may have heard in passing, perhaps sounding too technical to pay attention to. You're missing out. Geocaching, a portmanteau (word combo) of geography (don't hold the grade school subject against it) and cache (a hiding place), is the ultimate travel game. If you're like me (God help you), then you’ve  shaken your head if you've ever crossed paths with those ridiculous local versions of The Amazing Race that take place in practically every major metropolitan city. These groups of hipster adventurers always appear during rush hour or some other inconvenient time with no regard for the cup of espresso you hold in hand as they hurriedly brush past you, knocking a drop or two on your brand new white loafers. That’s what you get for wearing white loafers. Geocaching, however, is the real deal in travel hide and seek.


To strip it down to the basics, geocaching starts with one traveler placing a travel log (small notebook and a pencil) and objects/trinkets of personal significance in some sort of weatherproof container and hidden within a geographic point of interest, tucked into a cave, crevice, under a rock, a tree, or buried in some shallow resting place that can be identified and uncovered with relative ease once pinpointed by the combination of a mobile GPS device, a bit of wit, and problem solving talents.


The travel log is meant to be signed by the finder as they would a guest book. Of course in current times, you can add social media notifications to that practice, but 2B lead should still touch parchment to count for anything. The trinkets can be traded out or added to, but not simply taken. The items are often regional identifiers. Seashells, small denominations of unique foreign currency, key chains, charms, PEZ dispensers, and photos are not uncommon ingredients. The container is then resealed and placed back in the exact location of origin for those on the same quest to find. There is a serious honor system in place here folks - a code of ethics among fellow geocachers. With well over one million officially logged geocaches in existence, the code seems to be working just fine.


The “reward” is not about what is found or traded. It is about the process. The location of the object is not meant to be found within a corner office file cabinet of the Empire State Building. It is supposed to take players to exotic locations that they may never have ventured to before. To scale peaks, swim seas, hike for miles, and to even spend weeks, months, or years in search of. People are planning whole vacations around the concept of geocaching.  It is treasure hunting with the hunt being the treasure.


So, with that being said, we at YAHglobal are going to start our own little geocache operation. In two weeks, yours truly is headed somewhere, and within our social media accounts we will provide the GPS coordinates and clues to the specific location. It won’t be easy to find, but it won’t be impossible. I can promise you that every geocache will take you somewhere you may never have reached before if there were not some unique incentive to do so, even if it is within your own geographic location.


You’ll need:

GPS enabled device (mobile phones should do fine if they have good range).
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For those of you that either can’t wait for the games to begin, or need something closer to home, check out the official worldwide Geocaching website to start playing.


Wish You Were Here – Marcus Maraih, Editor, YAHglobal.Com

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