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2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

December 04, 2011


Between preparing for the launch of the next city on our network - Orlando, FL - and other day to day activities that keep this site somewhat worth visiting, I was getting concerned about finding time to update our Travel Blog. Compound that mess with personal responsibilities, specifically - Christmas shopping - and you've got a brain (mine) barely capable of forming a coherent, much less engaging, sentence. Then, as I was browsing fruitlessly for that perfect gift for an unpaid intern, through one of the umpteenth malls I have visited on my travels over the last few days, the topic dawned on me - 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers. Simple and necessary albeit industry typical for this time of the year, but when in doubt, go with the classics. Besides, it helps me kill two birds with one stone. Blog update - check. Christmas list - check.



Planet Earth Limited Edition Blu-Ray


For: Couch Surfer w/alot of time on their hands and a great TV


Planet Earth Limited Edition Blu Ray


This globe (earth) encased collection won't need to take up any space in your DVD stand and in fact looks pretty great sitting atop a desk, entertainment system, or shelving unit. Aesthetics aside, all you have to do is peel back the planet and you have access to the complete series of BBC's award winning nature project, filmed over 5 years, in 200 locations, and in 62 countries. Everything you can imagine about our natural world and its wildlife inhabitants is captured on Planet Earth. This is where the now famous and often repeated shot of a Great White Shark catapulting from the surface of the ocean and swallowing a seal whole was first found on film. There are moments of wonder, amazement, and as of course heartbreak. Try not to shed a tear for the baby elephant that loses its mother on passage through the Gobi Desert. Too late, that sentence alone does it. Where to buy: amazon.com 



ZOMM Wireless Leash


For: The Absent Minded Traveler


Zomm Wireless Leash


This wireless device could be considered the evolution of The Clapper key finder - for your phone. However The Clapper was only of use when you realized you left the keys (or whatever it was attached to) behind and ONLY if the item was within earshot (the fridge). The Zomm Wireless Leash however, is not for the lost and found, but for the find before you lose scenario. When attached to your Android or iPhone via an app download, the Zomm will belt out an obnoxious signal alarm as soon as you step outside of a set radius from your device. How many cell phones have been abandoned atop an airport Starbuck's or bathroom countertop upon the final boarding call for a flight or left behind in a dark hotel room when one departs for all day excursion? The Zomm ensures this will never happen again. The only catch? Don't keep you Zomm and Android/iPhone in the same place. Where to buy: zomm.com



A Week at the Airport - Alain Du Botton


For: Frequent Flyers on a first name basis w/customs officers and check-in personnel


Alain Du Botton's A Week at the Airport


If you've flown JetBlue out of JFK during the holidays then you already know what it's like to spend a week at the airport. Otherwise allow renowned travel writer Alain Du Botton to provide his true, witty and anecdote ridden accounting of a week spent at Heathrow Airport (London). Think The Terminal (Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta Jones - 2004) but without the nauseating "meet cutes". A Week at the Airport is the perfect pocket book for travelers to keep on hand while in long lines at customs, seated at gates, or in air. Where to buy: Borders (U.S.) Borders or Chapters/Indigo (Canada)



Vespa Scooter Retro Rocker


For: Hipster Toddlers


Vespa Retro-Rocker


Rocking horses may be a timeless present to be passed down through the generations but if you have visions of cobblestone road adventures on the streets of Venice for the toddler in your life, or at the very least picture them zipping through Greenwich Village with a rolled up screenplay in their back jean pocket, then it's best to put them on the path to Hipsterville now. The Vespa Scooter Retro-Rocker will have its new owner relegating playschool playmates with slam poetry in no time. Where to buy: Perpetual Kid



Point It Traveller's Language Kit


For: Lazy Backpackers (and UN staff) heading Overseas


Point It Traveller's Language Kit


Apparently this thing is required use for Swiss UN Surveyors who only have skiing down the slopes with ski bunnies/bums on their minds and no time to brush up on the basics of language in other countries. But we can't knock the simplicity of this page turning device that allows you to simply point and grunt when in need of bathroom (or a great espresso) ASAP. While a BOOK may seem antiquated in a day of wireless translation devices, it doesn't get much easier than the Point It Traveler's Language Kit when you stumble over the foreign pronunciations and accidentally insult the innocence of a Greek farmer's daughter when all you were asking for is the directions to the nearest Bed & Breakfast. Where to buy: amazon.com


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