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Staycation Shmaycation...

January 24, 2011


                                                    All of a sudden "trendy" isn't so appealing



“Staycations” can kiss my ass. This new "neologism, often misdiagnosed as a “witticism”, has found its way into our verbal repertoire because of the supposed recession over the past couple of years. The word is intended as a clever note for people to use around the office water cooler or local cafe so that the target of one's conversation responds with “Staycation? What's that??”, at which point, satisfied that you have introduced a curious new moniker into your friend's vocabulary, you launch into definition and reasoning behind its existence. “Staycation” you tell them, is a way to rediscover your city, the place you currently live, to see it through the eyes of a tourist, to do things that you would do if you were a tourist while in your own town. You tell them that this is a financially wise alternative to taking an annual trip elsewhere, avoiding flight, hotel and miscellaneous expenses that accompany said vacation. Why spend four figures for a week on a white sand beach shaded by 30 foot palms when for less than one or two digits you can sink your toes into a cool gravel laden shoreline and spend the day soaking up the atmosphere at your local lake? Well, as far as I'm concerned, you just answered your own question.


I'm walking a fine line with this article. The existence of YAHglobal.Com in itself can be attributed in a large part to the public's exploration of the city they currently reside within. Most online visitors spend time on the home page of their own city, checking out new cafes and watering holes or attractions that they have passed by yet overlooked throughout the years. Yours truly will most likely pen (keyboard) a piece about the benefits of a staycation simply because the public demands it, so feel free to take note of this work now and throw it back in my face, if and when you read the words in the near or distant future. You have my permission. But for now, allow me to vent about the uneventful concept of the topic at hand.


You've already been on staycation. You've been doing it since you've moved here, wherever you are. Its been a culmination of all your leisure time throughout the years. Just because you take a week off of work and rolled these activities into one, peppered with a new experience (visiting that other Starbucks a few blocks down) here and there does not allow that period of time to earn the its place along side of the true word of relevance that ends in “cation”. Doing or seeing something new in your own city can be accomplished on any any given Tuesday, be it ziplining or going to the theater, not allocated towards your well deserved vacation time. By buying into this new concept, you are more likely to ignore the activities you would simply partake in on the weekend (or whenever your days off occur) in an effort to save them all up for your staycation, thus robbing yourself of weekly pastimes that make can make your general existence more entertaining. Instead, enjoy your city everyday when possible, take a different route on the way home from work, take advantage of the ethnically diverse cafes found in almost every city instead of going to the same franchise/chain day after day, or use the bathroom of the nearest 5 star hotel and loiter inconspicuously in the lobby afterwards until the jig is up.


Your vacation time, however, should be allocated towards just that. Now I know the biggest selling point of the staycation is that you spend a fraction of the money as you would on a trip to some “exotic” locale. It would be a whole other topic to tell you where to cut corners to create the money needed to pack up and leave the monetary comforts that keeping near home base brings, but simple lifestyle changes can afford you that luxury easier than you think. Don't drive (cancel you car insurance, gas bill, parking) for a couple of months or cut a few channels from your TV package prior to your vacation time. Friends will be far more impressed by photos of your hike up Diamond Head Volcano Crater than hearing about how the “Soup Nazi” episode of Seinfeld looked so much better in HD. Instead of two Venti Cappuccinos per day, stick to one Americano. Instead of hitting the food court every afternoon, pack a lunch. You get the idea. You'd be amazed how fast it adds up.


Keep in mind too, that the travel destination of choice need not be some remote far off land. While I am recommending that you do take a trip, you can do so within the confines of a set radius that best accommodates your budget. A two hour drive can lead to a different world, especially if you have the geographic advantage of a coastline or mountainous protrusion within reach, becoming as much an escape as an overseas trip can. As well, family and friends in other cities can fill in for concierges with their sofas and guestrooms serving as hotels that require only conversation as payment.


Aside from that, be diligent in your flight and hotel hunting (again, a whole other topic) and you will be well on your way to treating your 7 to 14 day time off in the way it was intended, as far away from home as possible. Sorry neologism, you've failed us yet again. “Staycation” can join “metrosexual” and “spork” in the has-been waiting room.



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