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August 02, 2010


Welcome to You Are Here - YAHglobal.Com. If you are finding us at some point here during August in the dog days of summer you will see that we have chosen to launch the site in the fine city of Huntington Beach, California, specifically during the annual U.S. Open of Surfing. For those of you that don't know about this event, we admit that this is exactly the point. We could have launched in some large scale metropolis during some nationally televised event known to millions but instead we wanted to prove our model, or mission, to you. Our job at YAHglobal.Com is to inform you, the public, about the unique and interesting things that the world has to offer, while recommending places that provide you with the most value for your time and/or dollar. Do you really need to read time and time again about how great Disneyland is? No, but maybe you haven't heard about the county fair that roles through town only once a year that features the Coney Island original, but completely refurbished, all time classic tea cup ride. Do you really want to hear us rave about the new MaccaFrappaLattaCinno at Starbucks? Probably not. But maybe your interest will be peaked by stories of trecking through Hawaii's last unscathed outpost known as Molokai through natural rows of palm trees  in search of the perfect frozen coffee beverage known as the Mocha Mama, on this tiny island's Coffees of Hawaii plantation. So here we are, launching in this little beach city at the U.S. Open of Surfing instead of the U.S. Open of Golf, Cancun at Spring Break, or on New Year's Eve in NYC's Times Square.


The way we look at a business, be it a provider of a product or service, an attraction or activity is different than the other sites out there. We're not out to berate an establishment with negative reviews in order to settle some personal vendetta or make our paying advertisers look better in comparison. If extensive research by our team and analysis of public opinion uncovers that a place appears to be unanimously reviled then why list it, thus creating a huge pile of useless information that our users have to sort through to get to the "goods"? Its a pretty simple formula that seems to be lost on most travel and entertainment sources out there. Our general listings and featured items all have something special that makes them stand out above the multitude of others available. However, we do understand that our public still needs its fix for the familiar and demands to know where the nearest franchise fast food or coffee shop chain is found, along with their stand by retail outlets, so we make every effort to include at least a couple convenient locations to accommodate this need. We just won't list all 101 locations within the same region resulting in more information overload for the user, not to mention the plight of the unpaid interns we use for data entry who are in danger of getting irreversible Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from tapping away at the keyboards all day.


We are also not afraid to give our own opinion, through the "YAH Says..." reviews and "YAH Rated!" (best of's), vs. relying solely on aggregate ratings of anonymous public reviews.  Falsified member profiles are being created daily on these co-dependant sites by self serving business practitioners to skew rating reviews in their own benefit and to the demise of competition through slander. At the end of the day, how is the public to use any of this information to help them make an educated decision about "where to go?" or "what to do?". Don't get us wrong, we do place tremendous value on public opinion and have set up a "watch dog" system to ensure the validity of member profiles and to make sure that your voice is heard without distortion from the corporate americas. Our goal is to create trust between our users/members and YAHglobal.Com. We want the expectations you derive from combing our site to be met or exceeded, in a good way.


Our team is made up of an eclectic group of individuals with a passion for travel and discovery. Some of us are border line crazy, thus not afraid to try anything at their own personal risk in order to give an accurate reporting of some perilous new activity such as free diving in Great White Shark infested waters or tryin the newest "Eternal Inferno" flavor (where you actually sign a liability waiver) from a favorite local hot wings joint. Over the next few years some of us might not make it, so try not to get too attached to any one YAH personality. ;)


Outside of the recommendations arena, we have provided a Fun Stuff section with random (definitely) items loosely tied into the site. So even if you aren't searching for a new taco stand or cliff diving spot you can stay, browse, check out the photo and video galleries and some interesting Best & Worst lists. We've also incorporated a movie section soon to be filled with reviews, trailers, news and theater search for your region. And then of course as you are reading now, the "YAH Yaps!", which we promise after this point on will NOT be a self promoting "Look at me!" blog. We'd much rather tell you about the world we live in from the eye of the adventurous soul. So check back weekly to find out what Glamping is, or to learn the dangers of getting a tattoo while on vacation.


In conclusion (finally right?), we want to know your opinion on everything within the site so please feel free to sign up (free!) for membership so you can provide your input, tell is how awesome we are, or verbally bash our brains out in disagreement on a topic. We also want submissions. Are you an aspiring travel writer or simply want your voice heard? Send it to content@yahglobal.com and you may get published.


Wish you were here...



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