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Local Top List

Top Local in YAH Global

Best Soul Food Eateries In Atlanta

Atlanta's got a lot of soul. Whether you get your inspiration from gospel, meditation, or a round of golf, there's no question that a good meal ranks high on the list for many of you when it comes to feeding the "spirit", and Atlanta is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to find yourself when seeking a plate of soul nuturing food. From collared greens to cornbread and sweet potato pie to fried chicken & waffles, these meals found their way from humble beginnings to downright delicacies and are served by even the most fickle restauranteur. Be sure to visit these Atlanta eateries to experience what real food for the soul tastes like.


Gladys Knight and Ron Winans' Chicken and Waffles™

529 Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, GA


Why did the chicken cross the road? To meet the waffle! We don't know, there is a joke in there somewhere, but that wasn't it (clearly). According to now passed Wells Supper Club, the concept of Chicken & Waffles was born out of the bustling nightlife in Harlem where wee hours of the night diners couldn't decide if it was time for dinner or breakfast so they were given both. However lesser glamorous stories date the meal combination to a time of slavery where men and women forged whatever meal they could with the scraps available to them from the leftovers in the plantation kitchens, often including chicken necks and batter both used to fry up this now popular meal. Nonetheless, what we have today is a unique combination that exceeds its past and is found in both fine dining establishments in the South as well as in road side eateries.


Gladys Knight and Ron Winans Chicken & Waffles is our highest recommended restaurant with its superior soul food menu, dim lit and rhythmic decor with friendly, laid back yet professional staff. On your first visit you must try the staple Chicken & Waffles, and after that be sure to sample other menu items. YAHglobal.Com recommends starting with the Spicy Garlic Shrimp ($7.50) as an Opening Act, the Midnight Train ($10.50 Four southern fried jumbo chicken wings and one Original waffle) as a Headliner and the Sweet Potato Cheesecake ($4.95) for an Encore, which is sure to bring you back for a repeat performance yourself.


Busy Bee Cafe
810 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Atlanta, GA


The Busy Bee Cafe located in the historic portion of downtown Atlanta is a classic diner styled restaurant that has gained years of recognition as being among the best soul food eateries in Georgia. The no nonsense approach with an excellent menu keeps Busy Bee buzzing with activity so you may have a wait during lunch and prime dinner time, but its well worth it. There are rotating specials depending on the day of the week that are certainly worth the try, but our personal recommendation reads like this: Bar-B-Que Ribs ($11.50) with a side of Baked Macaroni & Cheese and a Corn Muffin (.50¢), an Uptown beverage ($2.25 16oz lemonade blended with iced tea) in hand and for desert try (attack!) the Georgia Peach Cobbler ($4 small, which isn't really small). The Busy Bee Cafe will have you rubbing your belly in soulful bliss.


K&K Soul Food
881 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy Nw, Atlanta, GA


K & K Soul Food is definitely one of the most talked about and well received soul food restaurants in Atlanta. Its located off the beaten path and is renowned for what is considered to be it's staple meal by many; Oxtail with rice (substitute with the fried pork chops if that's more your thing), Macaroni & Cheese and fresh corn bread on the edge. Prices at K & K are fairly cheap, the cafeteria style service is fast, friendly and welcomes you to come back for more.


285 West Soul Food Restaurant
2636 Martin L King Jr Dr # 10, Atlanta


Being located on the Westend, which is not the trendiest area of Atlanta, only serves to validate the age old assertion that the best home styled food is usually found in on the side of the road, in this case residing on Martin L. King Drive. 285 West Soul Food Restaurant has the cheapest (in price NOT quality) menu on the block (city) where you can get a full plate of Tilapia, black eyed peas, gloriously sloppy dressing and a side of corn bread (of course!) all for around $8. Head west to this historic drive and pay homage to one of the best no frills soul food joints in Atlanta.


Mae's Soul Food
34 Peachtree Street Southwest, Atlanta


Before we posted our write up for Mae's we received news that a raised lease forced Mae's Soul Food out of the Peachtree Building. Rumor has it that they re-opened on Martin Luther King Drive but owners could not be reached for confirmation. YAHglobal.Com's next trip to Atlanta won't occur over the next year so if you have any information on the whereabouts of Mae's, please send us the details to content@yahglobal.com.

BIG Attractions In Atlanta

Atlanta might only be the 32nd largest city in the U.S. but it gets better as being the city with the 4th largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. One step further though, has Atlanta towering over other cities and countries when it comes to popular attractions and activities enjoyed by the general area public and tourists alike. Take a look at our Top 5 picks for BIG Attractions In Atlanta that make this city one of the biggest draws in the world.


Georgia Aquarium - Biggest Aquarium In The World

225 Baker St. NW, Atlanta, GA


Ask everyone you know (unless they live in the Southeastern U.S.) where the world's biggest aquarium resides and you'll hear a potpourri of answers that range from San Diego to Orlando and other beach cities and theme park regions in between. When you tell them the answer is Atlanta, Georgia, a puzzled expression bounces back in your direction, at which point a feeling of satisfaction washes over you in that you introduced some new trivia into their repertoire. Then you tell them how the Georgia Aquarium holds over 8,000,000 gallons of water to house more species than any other aquarium on the planet with over 60 exhibits that follow a global tour pattern as if one was walking along the coastal pathway that ran the expanse of the entire world. Pretty awesome stuff.

Then you hit your audience with an even cooler anecdote when you tell them how Home Depot tycoon and co-founder Bernie Marcus was so gracious for the support from the Atlanta community when opening his own company's doors in 1979 that he bestowed the 250 million dollar project beginning in 2003 that became the completed Georgia Aquarium in 2005. Really awesome stuff.

With so many things to see here it is a daunting task to keep the details short enough that you don't scroll passed what we consider to be the greatest attraction in Atlanta. Without question, the absolute must see and experience at the Georgia Aquarium is the Journey With Gentle Giants Swim and Dive programs where you get as up close and personal with one of the ocean biggest tenants, the Whale Shark as well as thousands of other species of fish, sharks and rays. The only glass barrier between you and the 35 foot whale shark is the one on your underwater mask. The dives runs approximately 30 minutes each with an additional 2 hour prep time. Depending on which option you choose, the $225 (Swim) and $325 (Dive) cost (includes aquarium admission) might seem steep until you dry off, at which point you realize you have had one of the most monumental experiences of your life for only $250 or $325, not to mention the t-shirt, Certificate of Participation and souvenir photo that accompany the package. For more information, download a printable pdf file (courtesy of Georgia Aquarium) here

At a ripe age of only 7, the aquarium has gained tremendous momentum and has drawn over 11 million (and counting) visitors into its tempered glass walls. In a couple of more years everyone will know about Georgia Aquarium leaving your anecdotes completely outdated. so be sure to spread your aquatic trivia tales as quickly as possible. You are running out of time.    


Stone Mountain - Largest Exposed Granite Surface In The World...?

1000 Robert E. Lee Drive, Stone Mountain, GA


You may have noticed the question mark at the end of the title given to Stone Mountain Park as being "The Largest Exposed Granite Surface In The World" and that's because this statement has caused "controversy" in the field of geology. Apparently there is a larger one in Nevada or Arizona or something. We don't know about you, but 3200 acres is a good enough playground for us and the fact that this monolith has a 3 acre wide (three football fields!) Confederate Memorial sculpture carved right on the surface, making it the largest creation of its kind in the world is beyond impressive and makes us wonder why you hear about Mt. Rushmore all the time and not Stone Mountain Park. The work depicts Civil War Confederate leaders President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" riding upon their favorite horses. The memorial exceeds 400 feet above ground and General Lee's elbow digs 12 feet into the surface. People had a lot more time on their hands back in the day to create something like this.

The Confederate Memorial is but only one point of interest at Stone Mountain Park, located only 15 minutes from Atlanta, with dozens of family fun type attractions available that range from one of North America's largest adventure courses (suspension bridges and rope climbing) to mountain top sky rides as well as train excursions around the base and even a laser light show. Entertainment options are plentiful with a 4D theater, mini-golf, live shows, festivals and events taking place at this national treasure of a park. The changing seasons also offer recreational activities with campsites, golf, water sports and even a snow park (tube rides!) depending on the time of year and ones ability to brave the elements. For those of you that are just tagging along but long for relaxed indoor activities, there are both high end and casual dining options and enough unique gift shops to keep credit card savvy individuals content. Stone Mountain Park is a true diamond, or granite surface, in the rough.



Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort

Marriott Stone Mountain Inn

Stone Mountain Park Campground


Stone Mountain Attractions Map


Peach Tree Road Race - Biggest 10K Marathon In The World


For decades the Peach Tree Road Race held consecutive titles as the World's Biggest 10K Road (pedestrian) Race until the Vancouver (B.C.) Sun Run briefly stole the glory in 2008 only to hand it back over soon after. To date, this marathon owns the overall biggest 10K race in the world honors until another city manages to squeeze out a few decades worth of their own. What better way to get to know the city and its citizens than partaking in this annual extravaganza?


2011 Date: Monday, July 4, 2011

Registration through the online lottery system will open on ajc.com/peachtree at 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 and close at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, March 24, 2011.

Entry Fee: $33

Start Time:
The wheelchair race begins at 6:45 a.m.
The footrace begins at 7:30 a.m.
Individual start wave times will be announced in late spring 2011.

T-shirts and Awards:
All finishers will receive a 2011 AJC Peachtree Road Race T-shirt.

The course starts at Lenox Square Mall and travels down Peachtree to 10th Street in Midtown. The finish is located on 10th Street just outside of Piedmont Park.


Stone Summit Climbing Gym - Biggest Indoor Rock Climbing Gym In America

3701 Presidential Parkway, Atlanta, GA

1 (678) 720-9882


Fun for both the family and extreme sport psychopaths, Stone Summit Climbing and Fitness Center accommodates the physical capacity of your person and will be sure to challenge you to take it to the next level. This center is home to the largest indoor rock climbing gym in North America and the sheer enormity is worthy of a picture taking visit alone, much less participation. But you must participate! Walls extend from 25 to 60 feet in height but the girth and overall layout is the most impressive with seemingly impossible nooks and crannies to navigate your harnessed body around.


Day Pass Rates including rental equipment (no staff assistance):
Adults $12
Children (12 and under) $10


Hartsfield Jackson International Airport - Highest Traffic Airport In The World

574 Airport South Pkwy, Atlanta, GA


An airport as an attraction? Sure, especially when you consider that Hartsfield Jackson International Airport is the highest traffic airport in the world. There you go, another point of trivia to impress your friends with. At just under 90 million passengers (give or take a million) passing through the high security gates per year, it is simple math that the airport has been made to accommodate this traffic flow, which means great dining, shopping, social and sightseeing opportunities abound. While we don't necessarily recommend prioritizing a visit to Hartsfield Jackson as a lone Atlanta attraction given the fact that the best amenities are within security protected zones for passengers only, we do suggest that if you are flying in or out of this airport at some point in the future to allow yourself a couple of extra hours to explore this international hub of activity.


Forget the generic newsstands and gift shops, stores such as Beyond The Reef , Georgia Aquarium's representation with Hartsfield Jackson will keep the family occupied while stores such as Brooks Brothers, Ermenegildo Zegna, Lacoste, Sean Jean, and Salvatore Ferragamo make it feel as if you've wandered into a high end shopping mall as opposed to an airport. Want to get really creative? Why not set a date with your long distance love by making reservations at one of Hartfield Jackson's fine dining establishments such as historic Paschal's, Sojourner's Bar & Lounge, Piano Bar, or Chili's depending on your tastes.


Download Hartsfield Jackson's Shop and Dine brochure here for more info.


Photo Caption: As a victim of one of the unfortunate side effects of being the World's Busiest Airports, poor T-rex, the last of his kind, was a all meat and flesh upon his arrival at Hartsfield Jackson only to be reduced to bone after waiting in check-in, security, and boarding lines for what seemed to be eons.

The Arts Of Atlanta

The arts play an important part of expressing what's at the heart of this storied city while providing its own interpretation of how Atlanta sees and exhibits the artisan offerings of the world. Whether in town for a short visit or a local looking for some "culture", be sure to include these venues on a one time itinerary or for consideration on your leisure activity rotation. Some will leave you with a feeling of connection and insight into the world of which we live or simply a side splitting belly laugh, which can be one in the same for the soul.


High Museum Of Art

1280 Peachtree Street, Northeast, Atlanta


The award winning buildings, expanded by renowned architects Richard Meier and Renzo Piano, that comprise the High Museum of Art are a draw in itself, even before you enter the contemporary styled white walls of what is considered to be the premier art museum of all the Southeastern U.S.. Inside you will find a compilation of over 11,000 pieces both classic and modern alike. 18th and 19th century collections start at the base of the 4 levels and move in an upward yet linear fashion with the most cutting edge contemporary works found at the apex of this marvel of a museum for the arts. The surrounding Woodruff Arts Center and neighboring community connects brilliantly to the High Museum Of Art and makes for a pleasurable walk around the grounds from building to building. We recommend that you devote a whole day to the exploration of this fascinating artisan society within Atlanta.


The Fox Theatre

660 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA


The Fox Theatre has entertained the masses since the late 1920's is one of the most recognized live entertainment venues in Atlanta, an official historical landmark and is home to more than 300 performances per year. Practically every long standing citizen in Atlanta has a fond memory of an evening spent at the Fox Theatre. Bronze and gold tones accent the baroque styled whipped plasters and paintings within and serve as a pre-show and intermission delight as you can't help but analyze every intricate detail. It borders on over-the-top without ever crossing the boundary and exudes sophistication. Long story short, the establishment alone is a unquestionable work of art.


Whether you are there to see the symphony, a stand up comedy routine, or Shrek - The Musical, the Fox Theatre has a show to entertain everyone in your circle. Outside of scheduled events, tours of the Fox Theatre are also available for adults at $10 and students/seniors at $5 at 10AM on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (additional Saturday tour at 11AM).


For events, show times, and additional information visit the Fox Theatre here.


Dad's Garage Theatre Company

280 Elizabeth Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA


The word "sophistication" doesn't exactly come to mind when discussing Dad's Garage Theatre Company in Atlanta, and that's the point. Check your suits and evening gowns at the door (actually don't bring them at all) as Dad's Garage is all about the art of theatre fun, bordering on weird at times, which again is the point of our recommendation. Interesting scripted works are a part of the potluck at Dad's but improv is where its at and what you'll want to see with an eclectic cast that's downright genius if not psychologically disturbed (both perhaps). For those that want to try their hands at the craft, improv classes are available at Dad's Garage while their own team is available for hire for entertainment, team building workshops, private instruction and a few of the fellas may be into dancing at staggetes if you pay them enough. Be sure to visit Dad's Garage Theatre Company for an extraordinary experience of the arts in Atlanta.


Click here for show times and upcoming events.


Atlanta Ballet


Ballet isn't for everyone. That is until they come across the performance that touches their soul. For some it's a time honored performance that accentuates the master works of a composer, for others its a holiday affair such as The Nutcracker, for others its a contemporary twist that combines modern dance with this classical art form of expression. Rest assured, there is something for everyone at the ballet, they just have to give it a chance. Nowhere is this more true than at the prestigious but versatile Atlanta Ballet. Their performance schedule holds an interesting compilation that includes soulful rhythms with the likes of Fusion: Lambarena and the Rite of Spring or accentuates childhood fairytale dreams with their version of The Sleeping Beauty. Atlanta Ballet also encourages and showcases young and up and coming talent and choreographers with its 2011 scheduled Ignition: New Choreographic Voices.


Atlanta Ballet performs at the following venues:


Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, 2800 Cobb Galleria Parkway at Akers Mill Road, adjacent to I-75 inside I-285, Northwest Atlanta

Fabulous Fox Theatre, 660 Peachtree Street at the intersection of Ponce de Leon and Peachtree Street, Atlanta

Alliance Stage at the Woodruff Arts Center, located at 1280 Peachtree Street NE., Atlanta



Center For Puppetry Arts

1404 Spring Street Northwest, Atlanta


Delving into a more specific genre, this Atlanta arts institute enlightens audiences and attendees about the art form known as puppetry in a most entertaining manner. What's not to love about puppets? Sure, marionettes might creep out some of us (pretty much ALL of us at the YAHglobal.Com office) but as the Center for Puppetry Arts "About Us" tagline says, they're "much more than marionettes!". Good, we're safe.


The Center has been housing performances, workshops, distance learning, outreach programs and a museum since 1978 and has lured millions of people through its doors. The periodically displayed Jim Henson Exhibit is a favorite for all and allows us a look into the world of the Muppets, Fraggle Rock and even the cultish hit Labyrinth. Around Christmas time be sure to venture on in to check out the Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer exhibit too for a real taste of nostalgia. Performances are varied with family favorite renditions such as Beauty & The Beast to the Adult (18+ only) focused Xperimental Puppetry Theater (XPT!). The Center for Puppetry Arts is far beyond a children's attraction although it does bring out the child in all of us, and just to put the like minded at ease, you can be assured that none of us were harmed by any of the marionettes on site...yet (we have a sneaking suspicion that one snuck aboard one of our carry-on bags).

Best Educational & Not-So-Educational Tours Of Atlanta

While not everyone is fond of finding themselves perched on the second level of a big red double Decker bus or huddled up with a cluster of tourists while being led through a museum like a group of First Graders on a field trip, there is no question that one of the best ways to learn about a city and all it has to offer is by taking an official tour. Atlanta is a city rich in many aspects including history, athletics, landscape and fascinating corporate anatomy. Thus, YAHglobal.Com wholeheartedly recommends dropping any inhibitions you may have about structured sight seeing and partake in one or more of the following tours that this fine city has to offer. Some will provide an in depth accounting of what makes the city tick while others simply serve as a good old fashioned "map & camera carrying" good time.


World Of Coca Cola

121 Baker Street NW, Atlanta, GA
Parking Garage Address:178 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd, Atlanta

For information call (404) 676-5151 or 1-800-676-COKE (2653)


Nothing much says "America" like "Coca Cola". From the old styled glass bottles to advertisements of women in bee-hive hairdos propping up the beverage in hand with a twinkle in their eyes, Coca Cola has found its way into the world as one of the most recognized confectionary products and perhaps single handedly has kept the dental industry in business in the process. It only makes sense that this global phenomenon create its own little world for us to explore.


As the official corporate head office and planetary tourist attraction, the World of Coca Cola presents us with an in depth look at everything related to this caramel food colored "bubbly" from creation to its promotion and everything in between. Visit assembly lines and learn about the recipes of the various products under the brand banner while sampling the multitude of savory selections on site. Browse the galleries of Coke art and advertisements that spanned generations, creating multitudes of well refreshed and loyal consumers. The World of Coca Cola is a fun and fascinating look at a slice, or sip, of America.


Turner Broadcasting - CNN Tour

190 Marietta Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA
For information call (404) 827-2300


Is that Anderson Cooper's actual hair color? Does Larry King wear suspenders to bed? While you might now get answers to these questions, the tour of Turner Broadcastings CN is still informative and entertaining at the same time.


Start the tour by taking a ride up the world's largest free standing escalator towards the gigantic 50 foot CNN globe where inside interactive kiosks play highlight footage from 25 years of CNN news. Next, the control room experience provides an all access look into the quick paced environment of live broadcasting while the following Studio 7E tour allows you to deliver news and weather with the most up to date technology around. The CNN Outloook gives you a birds, or producers, eye view of the newsroom action and an in depth look at the process involved in getting news from its source to the ultimate viewer. You also get to learn about the other networks under the CNN banner such as Headline News, CNN International and CNN en Espanol. In the Finale, you get to sit back in the comforts of a contemporary theater and watch and listen from the ever popular anchors about their personal experiences of working on the frontline of world news.

CNN Studio Tour Admission (courtesy of CNN.Com)
Adult $15
Senior (65+): $14
Student: $14 (13 - 18, or with valid college ID)
Child: $10 (ages 4 - 12)
Group $13 (per person with 20+ people)
Youth Group $9 (per person, ages 4 - 12, 20+ people)
Military Free with Active Duty ID

Tour operators call 404.827.2300 for pricing information.

Buy tickets online here


Specialty Tours
Inside CNN VIP Tour $35 Purchase Tickets

Morning Express Tour $49 Purchase Tickets

Reservations: Reservations are highly recommended and can be made Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. by calling 404.827.2300 or toll free at 1.877.4CNNTOUR. Buy Tickets here

Tour pricing and availability subject to change without notice. 


Atlanta Braves - Turner Field Tour

755 Hank Aaron Dr SE, Atlanta, Georgia


Although Turner Field, the current home of the Atlanta Braves baseball team, is fairly new (opened in 1997) in the grand scheme of ballparks, the Braves have a long and storied history in Atlanta since the team moved there from Milwaukee in 1966. We must never forget Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth's long standing home run record in 1974 and it is undisputable that between 1991 and 2005, the Atlanta Braves were one of the most successful franchises in the MLB. A tour of Turner Field will take you through it all, combining nostalgia with an unparalleled blend of both entertainment and technology as it relates to America's favorite pass time and the elite city of Atlanta. 


Tour Stops (Courtesy of Turner Field Management)


Braves Museum & Hall of Fame
Coca-Cola Sky Field
Scouts Alley
Broadcast Booth
Luxury Suite
Press Box
The Plaza
Museum Store
Educational Tours


The Braves Museum and Hall of Fame offers five specialized tours tailored to elementary and junior/senior high school students.


Social Studies tour:

The Social Studies tour focuses on the history of the Braves organization and the different cities and states that are home to Major League baseball teams. The tour also concentrates on the impact baseball has on the economy and city of Atlanta as a whole.


Mathematics tour:

The Mathematics tour details how baseball is a game of numbers. This tour gives students an introduction to some of the statistics in baseball and how they are calculated and used during a game.


Careers in Sports tour:

The Careers in Sports tour is targeted towards high school students and provides a general overview and perspective of different career opportunities available in the sports industry, specifically Major League Baseball.


Regular/History tour:

The original tour of Turner Field provides information of the history of the stadium, team, and the different areas on the tour route, including Coca-Cola Sky Field, the press box, broadcast booth, dugout, clubhouse, Scout's Alley; and the Braves Museum Store.


Turner Field tours can be scheduled by calling 404-614-2311 or emailing turnerfieldtours@braves.com. The cost is $5 for students and $7 for adults. Complimentary admission is granted for one adult per every ten students.


Tour Admission:
Adults  $12.00

Children (3- 13)  $7.00

Military  $7.00

Museum only (no tour)  $5.00

Game time museum admission ($2).


Southern Belles & Whistles Tour

104 North Main St., Jonesboro, GA (15 miles from downtown Atlanta) 


This one is for history buffs and fans of silver screen classics, specifically Gone With The Wind. The Southern Belles & Whistles Tour takes you through the town of Jonesboro in Clayton County approximately 15 miles outside of downtown Atlanta and into the home of Rett Butler and Scarlett. Highlights include the Road To Tara Museum that showcases GWTW costumes, props, and historical and hollywood based memorabilia. The Old Jail is a glimpse into an actual 1800s era prison, now converted (thankfully) into the Calyton County History Center. Patrick Cleburne Memorial Confederate Cemetery  takes you to the final resting place of over 600 fallen Confederate soldiers while the Warren House presents you with a peak into an integral site of the Battle of Jonesboro. While this tour isnt for everyone, it certainly satisfies the appetite of those interested in the genre and time period.


Tickets can be purchased on site at the Clayton County Visitors Bureau.


Adults $24.95

Seniors $21.95

Children (12 and under) $13.95


Air Atlanta Helicopter Tour

1951 Airport Road #116, Chamblee, GA


Literally the best way to get to know a city in the shortest amount of time is to take a helicopter tour. Air Atlanta Helicopters will put you up close and personal with the ATL in a manner that will make the pavement pounding, map weilding tourists below green with envy. With a wide variety of packages available to accommodate your tastes and budget, Air Atlanta will make you an expert in the landscape of Georgia's pride. Below is a list of our picks for the best tour packages.

For reservations and information call (770) 458-7771

Tours are 2 person minimum, start at $45 per person

Recommended Tours

Downtown & Atlanta Zoo - $120.00 Per Person (20-25 Minutes)

Fly over downtown Atlanta, including a quick jaunt over the Atlanta Zoo where it will feel as if you are on an urban safari from the sky!

Stone Mountai - $120 Per Person (20-25 Minutes)

Get an up close and personal look at one of the largest exposed granite surfaces in the world and come face to face with the Confederate Memorial Carving, which covers 25 million square feet and is 1683 feet above sea level.

Stone Mountain, Buckhead & Downtown (THE WORKS!) $170/Person
35-40 Minutes

Chattahoochee River to Deans Gardens - $120/Person (20-25 Minutes)

Follow the Chattahoochee River the way birds do and head north to Alpharetta where you will circle over the “Pink Palace” – a timeless and magnificent 25,000 square foot mansion with expansive gardens, an amphitheatre and golf course.

The Works - $200/Person* + $50 Landing Fee (30-35 Minutes)

An all-inclusive package ensures you don’t miss a thing!

Best Coffee Shops In Mid/Downtown Atlanta


Atlanta doesn't exactly bring to mind visions of coffee shops, lattes and cappuccinos as with cities such as Seattle, Vancouver, New York and even Los Angeles. However, given the fact that Atlanta is home to more Fortune 500 companies than practically every other city in America means big business for the downtown district of this peach state metropolis. What's the connection you ask? Well, with such a large concentration of corporate heavy weights in one hub means a large influx of transplants from all over the country coming to work in this fine southern locale, not to mention a steady flow of people in attendance for conferences, conventions and trade shows. Regardless their respective fields, one thing these people have in common is their love of the almighty coffee bean as a morning motivator, and break time refresher, a lunch time recharge and an evening reason for social gathering. In other words, big business means even bigger business for the coffee industry. 

Below you will find our picks for the best coffee shops in the midtown/downtown (business and tourist district) region of Atlanta, selected by quality product, service, decor and overall ambiance.  


Caribou Coffee

1000 Piedmont Ave NE, Midtown - Atlanta, GA

303 Peachtree St NE, Midtown - Atlanta, GA


Caribou Coffee is a growing coffee shop chain found in 15 U.S. states with locations in the east, mid-west and south, including Atlanta. With two locations in the Midtown district of Atlanta, Caribou has become one of the most frequented cafes in the area with steady traffic flow coming from the local population and tourists making their way along Peachtree Street. Convenience is far from the only reason for Caribou Coffee's popularity, in fact regulars will bend over backwards to take advantage of their unique blends of specialty beverages often only offered by competing establishments during holiday season and special occasions. The Turtle Mocha combines the chocolate of your choice (white, milk, dark) with espresso, caramel, and actual chunks of Snickers worked into the whipped cream topping. Mint Condition uses real chocolate Andes Mints on the whip, the Berry Mocha adding a hint of berry flavor as its unique twist and our personal favorite, the Campfire Mocha (we love mochas!), blends chocolate (white, milk or dark) with marshmallow flavoring and espresso and topped with additional marshmallow bits and chocolate chips. With scrumptious creations for espresso based concoctions, you can imagine what their food and pastry case looks like.  


Octane Coffee
1009 Marietta St NW, Midtown - Atlanta, GA


The Octane Coffee menu wont read as creative as some trendy cafes such as Caribou and they tend to stick with the basics. Staple espresso based beverages such as the traditional americanos, cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos and mochas stand with integrity without complicating matters by adding flavors too far outside of the syrup spectrum. What happens (hopefully) when a cafe focuses on a smaller coffee menu is that they learn to perfect favored Italian classics and Octane Coffee is no exception to this rule. Their food selection is cafe heaven with sandwich favorites like Grilled Three Cheese and Homemade PB&J coming highly recommended. The staff is friendly, hip and often tattooed so expect a laid back atmosphere, which is exactly what you should be looking for when seeking out a Best Coffee Shop...anywhere.


Urban Grind Coffee House
962 Marietta St NW, Midtown - Atlanta, GA


In an atmosphere borrowed from the coffee culture of New York City comes Urban Grind Coffee House, established in Atlanta to bring its owner a taste of nostalgia from her days living in the Big Apple, and to the benefit of those in this far south state. On top of brewing one mean bean, Urban Grind has become a gathering place for artists, musicians, cafe addicts alike. They also (as with Caribou) have a Turtle Mocha, Mint Condition and a berry based mocha which made us think it may be a regional popularity thing and not a copy cat scenario. Everything about Urban Grind is original so they earn the benefit of the doubt. Their paninis are excellent and our personal favorites include the can't miss Pesto Chicken and the "tastes like pizza" Chicken Pepperoni.


Urban Grind has a steady stream of art based events taking place within its hipster walls so be sure to check out their events calendar to coordinate your visit around an Open Mic or Indie Film night. Every city should have a coffee house of this caliber, especially when so far removed from the regions well known for the aforementioned culture.


Cafe Nineteen
232 19th Street Northwest, Atlantic Station, Atlanta


Located in Atlantic Station, a highly functional self sustaining mini metropolis within Atlanta, Cafe Nineteen sits on the corner of 19th Street and Atlantic Drive as if it was a perfect little slice of the culture found enclosed by the borders of this trendy community. Inside, Cafe Nineteen is both comfy and cool with soft leather seating and dim lit corners for toiling away on one's laptop, sketch pad or journal. They are purveyors of the local arts and music scene and the crowd within the gallery type walls reflects this notion. Their coffee/espresso comes from illy and the wine and spirits list reads similar to that of any fine dining establishment in the area. For an anytime of day caffeine and sweet tooth satisfier, be sure to try the bombom which serves espresso with condensed milk. Cafe Nineteen is the perfect coffee shop complement to the new concept community of Atlantic Station.


Starbuck's CNN
190 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA


Not exactly original, no big surprise, and no long explanation needed. You already have your favorite Starbuck's beverage and snack so there's no need for our input on that either. Nonetheless, there is no denying that Starbucks remains to be one of the most popular coffee shops in town, in any town. Thus, we present you with the best location in the midtown/downtown area of Atlanta. The CNN building Starbuck's is a great sightseeing pit stop and prime people watching position with Turner Broadcasting TV personalities passing through from time to time to and from breaking news or otherwise. So order your favorite tall/grande/venti/trenta "frappamochalatteccino", sit back and enjoy the show.