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Stone Mountain Christmas 2013

Snow may be rare in Atlanta but from late November to early January, Stone Mountain Park, one of the city's most popular attractions, turns into a real life Winter Wonderland. What may lack in snowflakes is made up for with millions of decorations and sparkling lights dancing throughout the Stone Mountain village. Nutcrackers, Snow Angels, Reindeer, and of course Santa Claus himself can be found on site to ensure the festivities live up to the expectations of the wide eyed children that enter the North Pole of the Southeastern U.S..

From the Polar Express in 4-D to nightly Christmas parades, train rides and carols to holiday shopping and dining, everything you can imagine to comeplte the Christmas experience for you and your family can be found under the watchful eye of Stone Mountain.

Stone Mountain Christmas Atlanta

Make a special Christmas wish and you may even get snowfall this year. Magical things happen here!

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