About Us

All About YAHglobal Travel & Entertainment Inc.

Who are we?

You Are Here - YAHglobal.Com is a travel and entertainment portal created and maintained to inform the public about "where to go" and "what to do" when they are "somewhere".

What makes us different from the other review type sites out there?

  • Opinionated - We aren't afraid to give our opinion. We don't depend solely on the public to provide this information out of fear of lost advertising revenues. Our team is comprised of individuals with a passion for travel and discovery and has extensive experience in related fields. Therefore, we are prepared to act as a liaison for anyone seeking information about a business, activity and/or attraction connected to the world of travel and entertainment.
  • No tourist traps - We do out best to filter out the tourist traps and "money grabs" found in a location and to direct you in another direction. Sometimes that means sending you a little further out of town than expected, but we promise it will be worth it!
  • Big Picture - We combine our own team's experience with a business, activity or attraction with that of the public and other trusted sources to arrive at our conclusions. No one single way can give an accurate representation so we must look at the whole picture.
  • Omissions - If after consideration of the all the above mentioned methods, a business, activity, or attraction does not meet a certain standard or at least have a single trait that makes them exceptional in some way, then we do not list them here on YAHglobal.Com.
  • Keep it Simple - We do not believe in information overload and we will not inundate the publilc with pages upon pages of listings creating distortion of information and confusion. "I just want to know where I can get a decent cup of coffee!?" screamed the public. We listened.
  • Different - No bland Wordpress themes here folks. We go against the grain with our look and content. We're a little wacky and our site says it. 

Want to join our team of contributing editors/photographers? Cut your teeth in the travel writing/photography industry by submitting articles and images to YAHglobal.Com. Send us a sample to editor@yahglobal.com. Some of our past contributors are now full fledged members of the YAHglobal crew.